Animal Rights


Oct 29 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Professor Maneesha Deckha (UVic) and Assistant Professor Jessica Eisen (UAlberta) will examine legal categorizations of animals: should animals be considered property, persons, or something else? And what do these categorizations mean for visions of justice and the health and well-being of animals, humans, and our overall environment? Read More

Cervid Harvesting Preserves: Very Distasteful Jam

Alberta Wilderness Association strongly opposes the proposal to legalize elk hunt farms – fenced facilities where captive elk are shot by so-called “hunters.” The Alberta Elk Commission has lobbied the Alberta government on hunt farms – what they call “cervid harvesting preserves” – since at least May 2020.

“These hunt farms are unethical and contrary to the concept of fair chase,” says Devon Earl, Conservation Specialist at AWA. “Many hunters and non-hunters alike are appalled by the idea of shooting animals that are effectively penned with little to no ability to escape.” Read More

The Intensive Livestock Industry: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Our Times

Jan 21 2011 - 2:00am

The next installment of the Food Futures Lecture Series.

Thought much about what you put in your mouth lately? Maybe you should… Read More


Room 1-430
Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (U of A Campus)
Edmonton , AB

Nature in a Box: Reflections on the captivity of wild animals

Oct 24 2008 - 1:00am

Join Voice for Animals Humane Society for a thought-provoking, illustrated presentation by Rob Laidlaw, wildlife activist and author of the new children's book Wild Animals in Captivity, as he explores the myths and realities of wildlife in captivity, answers some of the tough questions that zoos try to avoid and reflects on possibilities for more humane relationships with animals in the future.

A Q & A and book signing will follow the presentation.

Admission: FREE Read More


Stanley A. Milner Library, Edmonton Room
7 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton , AB

Rob Laidlaw - Myths and Realities of Zoos

<div class="flexinode-body flexinode-1"><div class="flexinode-textfield-2"><div class="form-item"> <label>Location: </label> Edmonton </div> </div><div class="flexinode-textarea-1"><div class="form-item"> <label>Description: </label> <p><a href="">Voice for Animals</a></p> <p>Rob Laidlaw, the Executive Director of <a href="">Zoocheck Canada</a>, will be giving a talk in Edmonton on the myths and realties of zoos, our relationship to wild animals and what their future may hold.</p> </div> </div></div>
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