Call for Delegates: CASA Vehicle Emissions Team

CASA Vehicle Emissions Team (VET) has the mandate to recommend initiatives to the CASA Board to help protect pubic health and the environment from vehicle emissions produced in Alberta. Its purpose is to pilot, monitor and evaluate CASA-approved projects related to vehicle emissions reduction.

Recent projects of the VET have included the Clean Commute employer-based transportation demand management program and the Remote Optical Vehicle Emissions Recorder 2 project. Projects are implemented by VET sub-groups and overseen by the team as a whole.

Terms of reference and many background documents are available at the CASA website Read more about Call for Delegates: CASA Vehicle Emissions Team

Around the World Using Human Power


Colin Angus and Julie Wafaei recently completed the first human powered circumnavigation of the earth. They cycled, rowed, hiked and skied from Vancouver across Siberia, Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, Central America and the USA - returning to Canada this past May. Join these two adventurers for stories of rare cultures, remote landscapes, and extreme challenges. Enjoy captivating photographs, video clips and props from the expedition as well as a 50 minute film detailing the entire 2-year, 43000 km journey!

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