Rideshare Week 2007 - 'Pledge to Pool' Campaign

The goal of's Annual Rideshare Week Campaign is to increase program awareness and encourage commuters to try carpooling for one week every Fall. A variety of promotions are held in communities across Canada. The focus of Rideshare Week 2007 is a 'Pledge to Pool' campaign. Commuters are encouraged to make a personal online pledge to carpool once during their region's respective Rideshare Week. All submitted 'Pledges' will be entered into random regional draws for prizes. Read more about Rideshare Week 2007 - 'Pledge to Pool' Campaign

A Sustainable, Equitable, and Smart Transportation Forum

Not all the talk about transportation focuses on traffic...because not everyone owns a car. In fact not everyone can afford a car or can afford a bus pass. Transportation to many is more of a 'barrier' rather than a 'mode' of travel. Join The Sustainable Calgary Society and The Federation of Calgary Communities, Fellow Travelers and Special Guests in addressing Transportation issues these pressing issues and where we go from here to ensure Calgary's transportation is Sustainable, Equitable and Smart in the future.Cost: $10.00 or pay what you can

Bike Month: City Of Edmonton Bike Plan Open House

The City of Edmonton recently retained Stantec Consulting to update the City's 1992 Bicycle Transportation Plan (BTP). The BTP is one of the guiding documents for the Transportation Department, dealing with how bicycles are integrated into Edmonton's transportation system. Route expansion, maintenance, and engineering standards will be examined, along with bike parking, connections to transit, and other supporting programs and policies.

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