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Call for Delegates: CASA Vehicle Emissions Team

CASA Vehicle Emissions Team (VET) has the mandate to recommend initiatives to the CASA Board to help protect pubic health and the environment from vehicle emissions produced in Alberta. Its purpose is to pilot, monitor and evaluate CASA-approved projects related to vehicle emissions reduction.

Recent projects of the VET have included the Clean Commute employer-based transportation demand management program and the Remote Optical Vehicle Emissions Recorder 2 project. Projects are implemented by VET sub-groups and overseen by the team as a whole.

Terms of reference and many background documents are available at the CASA website Read more about Call for Delegates: CASA Vehicle Emissions Team

A & WMA/CPANS Luncheon - Understanding Ammonia: the SPAM Network


Air & Waste Management AssociationCanadian Prairie and Northern Section Kristina Friesen will be presenting her work on the Southern Prairie Ammonia Measurement network as well as other recent Environment Canada initiatives. Kristina is an atmospheric processes project scientist with the Air Quality Science Group of Environment Canada, based here in Edmonton. She recently launched the Southern Prairie Ammonia Measurement network focusing on measuring ambient ammonia in southern Alberta and southern Manitoba. Previously Kristina has investigated influences on ozone at a high-elevation site and particulate matter sources in Elk Island National Park; her primary area of interest is source apportionment studies. The luncheon is scheduled for Friday November 10th. The luncheon will follow the usual format of a buffet lunch, and I am accepting reservations from now until noon, Wednesday November 8th. Please contact me by e-mail at mbisaga [at] otonabee [dot] ca

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