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Comments on Water for Life Strategy renewal and the proposed Species at Risk Act Recovery Strategy for the Burrowing Owl

The Environmental Law Centre's (ELC) mission is to ensure that laws, policies, and legal processes protect the environment. In pursuit of this mission the ELC regularly provides comments and recommendations to government and administrative bodies in relation to law and policy development. These comments can be found on the ELC website at www.elc.ab.ca.

The ELC has recently commented on the renewal of the Alberta Water for Life strategy and the proposed Recovery Strategy for the Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) under the federal Species at Risk Act.

Alberta Ombudsman Investigating Alberta Energy and Utilities Board

The following document has been posted to the Government of Alberta website.

News Release

July 6, 2007

Edmonton... The Alberta Ombudsman, G. B. (Gord) Button announced today that he will immediately commence an investigation on his own motion of the administrative actions of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (AEUB) in hiring and deploying private investigators to monitor and report on the activities of interested parties attending the Rimbey hearings on the proposed 500 kV power transmission line between Edmonton and Calgary. This investigation will focus on the AEUB’s decision to hire private investigators and the mandate given, the information reported back to the AEUB, how that information was used and its impact on the administrative fairness of the process. He will issue a public report including any findings and recommendations at the conclusion of his investigation. The Alberta Ombudsman advises he is aware of the parallel investigation being conducted by the Information and Privacy Commissioner and is confident the two investigations will compliment each other to clarify what took place and how it impacted the fairness of this process.

Sierra Club Chinook Group Monthly Meeting: Life Cycle Value Assessment

Sierra Club of Canada - Chinook Group Greg Powell, an eco-efficiency analyst with the Pembina Institute, will present Life Cycle Value Assessment (LCVA). LCVA is a methodology that Pembina's corporate clients employ to determine the best project option based on the triple bottom-line (financial, social and environmental). Greg will provide an overview of the methodology and provide case studies of how oil & gas companies have gained financially while reducing environmental impacts and generating social benefit.

Environmental Law Centre 25th Anniversary

Featuring keynote speaker Preston ManningJoin the Environmental Law Centre to celebrate its 25th anniversary, at a dinner on May 24, 2007 at the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton. Event details are available on the ELC’s website at www.elc.ab.ca. Tickets for ENGOs are available at the reduced rate of $40 per ticket; please request this price when placing your order.

Call for Oil Sands Moratorium Grows Louder

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: April 23, 2007

As the second round of province-wide oil sands consultations draws to a close, the call for a temporary reprieve from new oil sands leases and approvals increases. In its second presentation to the Oil Sands Consultation Panel in Calgary today, Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) added its voice to those asking for a moratorium on oil sands activities, for new protected areas in oil sands regions, and for an overarching provincial land and resources management plan that effectively addresses cumulative impacts.

Environmental groups call on Prime Minister to adopt Clean Air and Climate Change Act

Media Release

For release: March 30, 2007

Climate Action Network/Réseau action climat Canada is calling on the Government of Canada to immediately pass and implement the Clean Air and Climate Change Act (Bill C-30) as amended by a House of Commons legislative committee this week. The amended version contains most of the changes proposed jointly by environmental organizations in January, including regulations requiring our largest polluters to face “Kyoto-level” caps on their greenhouse gas emissions.

Environment Groups Sue to Block Federal Reliance on "Phantom" Mitigation for the Oil Sands

Media Release

Mar 30, 2007

Sierra Legal, on behalf of a coalition of environmental organizations, filed an application yesterday for a Federal Court judicial review of the Joint Panel report assessing the Imperial Oil Kearl Oil Sands project north of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

The Pembina Institute, Sierra Club of Canada, the Toxics Watch Society of Alberta, the Prairie Acid Rain Coalition and Sierra Legal will argue that the Joint Panel failed to properly do its job, and that a proper environmental review must take place before the federal government can decide whether to allow the Kearl Oil Sands project to proceed.

Red Deer Water Speaker Series -" Water Resources in Alberta" and "Mixing Water & Oil"

Red Deer

Sierra Club of Canada Free Public Speaker Series on WaterThursday, March 15, 20077:30 pm TO 9:30 pmSnell Auditorium, Red Deer Public Library, 4818 49 Street, Red DeerWater Resources in Alberta Following the report of the Rosenberg Water Forum

Call for Delegates: Annual AEN-EUB Meeting

The 2007 AEN-EUB Meeting has been set for April 20th, 2007 in Calgary.

This is the preliminary list of meeting issues and speakers who raised them. If anyone who has confirmed for the meeting notices any omissions or
inaccuracies, please let me know.

There are still 4 seats available for this meeting. Interested AEN members should email [email protected] if you wish to participate.



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