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The Alberta government is planning to close 20 parks and remove 164 from the Alberta Parks system. A total of 175 parks will lose protection and Albertans could lose access.

Losing protection where we need it most

The Government of Alberta’s plan to remove 164 sites from the provincial parks system will take a significant cut out of Alberta’s most endangered and least protected Natural Regions: the Parkland, Grasslands and Foothills. Between these three regions, 85 sites will lose their protected status, resulting in the loss of nearly 9,000 hectares of protection – equivalent to around eight times the size of Ghost Lake or one-half the size of Elk Island National Park.

“Optimizing” Parks… What Happened to the List?

On February 29, 2020 the Government of Alberta published a list of 164 parks and provincial recreation areas it intends to remove from Alberta’s parks system. That list has vanished from the government’s website.

Internal government documents reveal concerning new details about the plan for Alberta’s parks: land sales, no comprehensive analysis of costs, and exclusion of the public from the decision

EDMONTON, AB – Documents recently obtained by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) Alberta Chapters through a Freedom of Information and Privacy (FOIP) request have offered a closer look at the decision making process behind the recent cuts to Alberta’s parks system. The documents, which include internal communications, briefings to the Minister and a briefing to cabinet, outline the development of the government’s ‘Optimizing Alberta Parks’ plan announced in spring 2020. 

Albertans always care about their parks, not just during a pandemic

Edmonton – 17 of the 20 parks that were slated for closure at the beginning of this summer, will temporarily be operated this camping season, according to the Alberta Parks COVID 19 response page which was quietly updated last week. This is an important step in the right direction that demonstrates that the voices of Albertans, saying how much they value Alberta Parks, are making a difference. 


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