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Public Information Sessions on Proposal to Establish OH Ranch Heritage Rangeland

Alberta Tourism Parks & Recreation

As part of the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, and Recreation's commitment to consult with stakeholders and the general public on changes to Alberta's parks, we'd like to inform you of two opportunities for public comment on our proposal to establish a new heritage rangeland in Southern Alberta. Read More

Time for parks & protected areas as an election issue

Press Release - Feb. 11, 2007
Sierra Club of Canada

Calgary - The Speech from the Throne acknowledged that Albertans are worried about the province's natural environment, so it's highly likely that the Sierra Club of Canada (SCC) is not alone in saying it's about time that the need for new protected areas and parks has been raised by the parties in the election; the most recent announcement being today's by the Progressive Conservatives. Read More

Evergreen: Community Greening Grants Available


We are pleased to announce that our Common Grounds Grant Program will be accepting proposals for the Wal-Mart – Evergreen Grant Program this spring. The deadline for applications is Friday February 29th, 2008. You will find our Spring 2008 guidelines and application forms for the Wal-Mart – Evergreen Green Grants at www.Evergreen.ca under Common Grounds. Read More

Conservation Groups Call for Release of Habitat Report, Parks and Funding to Save Grizzlies

Alberta Wilderness AssociationDefenders of Wildlife CanadaCPAWS — Northern AlbertaFederation of Alberta NaturalistsNatural Resources Defense CouncilJasper Environmental AssociationWest Athabasca Bioregional SocietySierra Club of Canada

Media Release For Immediate Release: Oct. 24, 2007

Calgary — Local and national conservation organizations are calling on Alberta's Sustainable Development Minister, Ted Morton, to release the scientists' report outlining core grizzly habitat areas to his Grizzly Bear Recovery Team and the public. To make up for the five years of lost time during the protracted recovery planning process, they are asking Morton and the Minister of Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture, Hector Goudreau, to quickly move on establishing three wildland parks, which encompass core grizzly habitat long known to be important to the bears' future and which have already gone through various assessment and review processes. Read More

AWA Tuesday Talk: Disappearing Dunes on the Prairies

With Dr. Darren BenderStability may be good for economies and families, but it’s bad for sand dunes. Active sand dunes and associated habitats are disappearing across the Canadian prairies. These habitats support diverse com-munities of specialized and rare plants and animals, many of which are at risk of extinction in Canada. Read More


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