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SESA Seminar Series: Germany’s Remarkable Renewable Energy Revolution

Sep 14 2011 - 1:00am to 2:30am

Dr. Christine Worlen, Director of Renewable Energies
German Energy Agency

The Solar Energy Society of Alberta seminar series is starting this month! The keynote presentation for the seminar season opener will be straight from the renewable energy capitol of the world: Germany. Germany just announced that in the first half of 2011 it has met 3.5% of its needs for electricity using solar technologies.  This compares with a rate of 0.1% in North America. With the help of the German Embassy and the Pembina Institute we are bringing Dr. Christine Worlen to Alberta. An internationally renowned authority on renewable energy global best practices, she has advised over 60 countries. Dr. Worlen will address the all important question of how Alberta can make the transition to truly sustainable sources of energy. Mark it in your calendar and don’t miss this evening of inspiration. Read More


CN Theatre Room 5-142
Grant MacEwan University — City Centre Campus ( 105 Street Building)
Edmonton , AB

Photovoltaics for Electricians Class

Oct 29 2011 - 12:30am to Oct 30 2011 - 10:30pm

This class is designed for electricians or those with electrical experience and an understanding of electrical theory and electrical terminology. The class will overview system design, siting, shading and maintenance issues. Photovoltaic equipment including modules, racking systems, inverters, charge controllers, and batteries will be introduced. Section 50 of the Canadian Electrical Code will be interpreted.

October 28-30, 2011 Read More


Room X-105
NAIT Main Campus
Edmonton , AB

Renewable Energy - The Path to Energy Independence

Sep 20 2011 - 6:00am

What are the latest renewable energy technologies available?  What is actually practical for our climate? The Solar Energy Society of Alberta and the Grant MacEwan Institute of Environmental Studies are offering this popular class again this Fall on Tuesday evenings. It provides an overview of photovoltaics, solar hot water, solar home design, green transportation options and more. Read More


MacEwan University - City Centre Campus
Edmonton , AB

The Way We Green Speaker Series— Renewable Energy in Edmonton

Jun 14 2011 - 6:10pm to 7:00pm

Renewable Energy in Edmonton: Laying the Groundwork

with Gordon Howell, P.Eng., Howell-Mayhew Engineering Inc.

Times are changing, increasingly quickly.  Edmonton, along with many cities and towns, is increasingly focussing itself on becoming sustainable and resilient.  It is a time of transformational change.  How can renewable energy be part of the solution?  What renewable energy resources do we have in the City?  What are the challenges to renewable energy?  What are the possibilities?  What might renewable energy in Edmonton look like?  What needs to be done to get there?  Be part of the community dialogue that is taking shape to help plan our response to the economic possibilities and the environmental imperatives. Read More


City Hall — City Room
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton , AB

The Way We Green Speaker Series— Building Capacity: Renewable Energy Potential in Edmonton

Jun 4 2011 - 6:10pm to 7:00pm

Speaker: Gordon Howell, P.Eng., Howell-Mayhew Engineering Inc.

2011 Speaker Series

The 2011 Speaker Series is now underway. Upcoming events include: Read More


City Hall – City Room
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton , AB

Eco Solar Home Tour

Jun 4 2011 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Better Choices. Better Homes. Better Lives.

  • Energy costs are rising.
  • Daily news is loaded with examples of the effects of climate change.

There has never been a more compelling time to shrink our ecological footprint. You can take action yourself!

When is the Tour?   

The Tour is on Saturday June 4th, from noon to 4 pm. You will be able to soak up the first-hand experience of homeowners and other experts with a wide variety of energy and water resource-saving technologies in new construction and retrofit applications. Read More


various locations Edmonton , AB

Pembina reacts to the 2011 federal election outcome

Ed Whittingham, executive director of the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to the results of the 2011 federal election:

"The Pembina Institute congratulates Conservative Leader Stephen Harper for winning his first majority government and Jack Layton in his new role as Leader of the Official Opposition. As a national non-partisan think tank, the Pembina Institute works with all governments and political parties to help move Canada toward a clean energy future that delivers economic prosperity, environmental protection and climate security.

"Mr. Harper's actions on climate change and clean energy to date have been inadequate relative to the need and the opportunity. To become a leader in the fast-growing clean energy economy, Canada must implement much stronger policies than the Conservative government has introduced so far or proposed in its campaign platform.

Read More

Solar Seminar: Renewable Energy for Edmonton

Apr 20 2011 - 1:00am

An Update on Edmonton’s Renewable Energy Task Force

a presentation by Gordon Howell, P.Eng., Howell Mayhew Engineering 

followed by the Solar Energy Society of Alberta Annual General Meeting

  • What future do you see for renewable energy in your day to day life?
  • What do you plan to do to make that happen?
  • What role do you think our three levels of government should have in expanding the use of renewable energy in Edmonton?

Edmonton established a Renewable Energy Task Force in 2010 to provide the city with a set of recommendations on renewable energy policy. The consultant to the Task Force, Gordon Howell, will be providing an update on some of the policy areas that the Task Force is examining. Read More


CN Theatre Room 5-142
Grant MacEwan University — City Centre Campus (105 Street & 104 Avenue)
Edmonton , AB


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