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Is Water the new Oil? Water issues in developing countries and how Albertans can take action!


Speaker: Shauna Curry, P.Eng. Director, International Services Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) Why should Albertans care about water issues in developing countries? Join us for an evening of discussion and debate on this topic! 5:30pm Monday February 26 Ceili's 2 on 7th Irish Pub and Restaurant - 803- 8th Ave SW Brought to you by:

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Film Screening: Thirst


Film: ThirstWednesday, October 25, 2006Central Academic Building (CAB) 243 @ 5 pmUniversity of Alberta A documentary without narration that explores how water and the ownership and control of water figure into community resistance to corporations rapidly buying up local water supplies. Examines the environmental and human rights issues associated with governments and companies making the world's fresh water supply into a commodity at the expense of local communities. Visits locations in Stockton, California, Bolivia, and India. 62 minutes, 2004.

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ENGOs Hope to Reverse the Destruction of Canada's Fisheries

Alberta Wilderness Association

October 12, 2006

Environmental non-government organizations and the Assembly of First Nations from sea to sea to sea gathered in Ottawa today for a historic meeting with senior Department of Fisheries and Oceans officials to discuss solutions to the crisis facing Canada's fish and fish habitats.

A good part of the meeting focused on the failure to enforce the strongest piece of Canadian environmental legislation, the federal Fisheries Act. Representatives of groups from across Canada expressed dismay at the continuing deterioration of fisheries and the associated regulatory regime. Read more about ENGOs Hope to Reverse the Destruction of Canada's Fisheries


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