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 Solar Power: Our Allegiance to Land, Air, Water, and Sun

Keepers of the Athabasca is partnering with Sucker Creek First Nation, and the Society of High Prairie Regional Environmental Action Committee to put a solar installation on the Treaty 8 Building in Sucker Creek First Nation, where Treaty 8 was signed over 100 years ago. We are all Treaty people; our ancestors signed this agreement with the intent to respect Indigenous lands and ways of life.  Read More

Obed Mine Spill One Year Later: Groups Call for Charges to be Laid, Impacts Disclosed

It has been a year since the Obed Mountain Coal Mine disaster. The mine was owned at the time by Sherritt International but has since been purchased by Westmoreland Coal Company. The breach of a containment pond spilled 670 million litres of toxic tailings into the Athabasca River and its tributaries. Five weeks later this plume of contaminated water had worked its way through the Peace Athabasca Delta and into the North West Territories. Read More

Educational Video Premiere: "My Life as a Tire"

Slave Lake

Regional Environmental Action Committee and “My Life” Video Productions Present:The Video Premiere Release Event for"My Life as a Tire"educational video productionWhat natural resources would say about how they became a product. "My Life as a Tire" is the second video in the "My Life" Video Series to promote recycling and environmental stewardship. The series complements the Alberta Grade IV Curriculum Unit, "Waste and Our World" and will be distributed with a teachers’ guide by Ciné Fête (Montréal). Read More

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