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With the 2030 coal phase-out finalized, Canada takes a historic step

Pembina Institute reacts to final publication of federal rules on electricity sector carbon emissions

KATOWICE, POLAND — Binnu Jeyakumar, Director, Clean Energy at the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to the Government of Canada’s publication of final regulations on coal- and gas-fired power plants:

Webinar: Latest on Climate Science and Impacts

Dec 12 2018 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Speaker Hunter Cutting, Director of Strategic Communications at Climate Nexus, will be discussing the latest climate science and the range of impacts projected with a focus on health. He will cover what needs to be done from an emissions reductions and economic transition perspective to avoid these disastrous consequences, while highlighting the most effective language and messaging in discussing them.

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Canada’s Oil and Gas Companies Weakening National Climate Plan While Expanding Production, Says New Report

Federal Government Must Double Climate Targets And Curtail Oil Expansion To Limit to 1.5°

Katowice, Poland—A new report released today at COP 24 shows oil and gas emissions in Canada are rising and that oil and gas companies in Canada are systematically weakening and delaying Canada’s climate plan and further climate ambition while reaping more federal subsidies and continuing to increase oil production.

Exemptions from federal environmental review for oil and gas projects unjustified, say environmental groups

Ensuring federal assessment of high-carbon projects is critical if Canada is to step up Paris Agreement ambitions at COP 24

OTTAWA – Some of Canada’s largest and most polluting industrial projects may get a free pass on federal review under a new law if the government capitulates to industry demands, warn leading environmental groups. The groups are calling on Canada to expand the list of projects it reviews to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental damage from proposed industrial development are minimized.

Call for Delegates: Clean Air Strategic Alliance Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Alternates (3), NGO Industrial, NGO Rural, NGO Urban
Application Deadline: 
5 Dec 2018

The Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) is a multi-stakeholder organization made up of representatives of industry, government, and environmental organizations which develops and recommends strategies to assess and improve air quality in Alberta. Detailed information on CASA is available on their website.

Op-ed: The federal government's carbon pricing plan will eliminate Alberta's hard-earned climate gains

An op-ed from AEN member Dr. Joe Vipond on the federal government's proposed carbon-pricing policy for the electricity sector:

Sadly, the current federal pricing plan will eliminate many of these gains, and likely make things even worse. Climate and health will once again be jeopardized by coal combustion, at a time when cheap, emission-free alternatives exist. We need to embrace the future of climate action, not cling desperately to the past.

Read the full op-ed in the CBC's Opinion section

Webinar: Climate Accountability in Canada

Nov 22 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

In this webinar, we will dig into some of the ambition-raising asks we’ll be making of the Canadian government as we head into COP24. Our panelists will discuss what an accountability mechanism for the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change might look like and how it can ensure ambition can be raised in the future. We will also explore some of the ways accountability mechanisms have been embedded in climate policy around the world. 


Ecological Grief is not new, but on the Rise

Nov 22 2018 - 12:00pm

Grieving the loss or change of a cherished natural space has not always been recognized as a true form of grieving. For example, the grief First Nations Peoples in USA and Canada experienced after losing their way of life in the wake of colonization, was generally not recognized as ecological grief.


Royal Canadian Legion (north door)
324 Mayor Magrath Drive S
Lethbridge , AB

Ecological Grief

Nov 22 2018 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Grieving the loss or change of a cherished natural space has not always been recognized as a true form of grieving. With wildfires and summers filled with smoke, devastating flooding, subtle changes in the seasons, and the recent IPCC report, ecological grief is now starting to become recognized as a legitimate form of mourning and anxiety. But like all forms of grief, ecological grief is personal, unique, and doesn't often follow a logical pattern. Join us for a discussion around the ways we may grieve a landscape similarly (and differently) to other forms of loss.


Lethbridge Public Library
810 5 Avenue S
T1J 4C4 Lethbridge , AB


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