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Action Alert: Register for Provincial Oil Sands Consultations

Sierra Club of Canada

The Alberta Tar Sands are one of the biggest social and ecological challenges in North America, fueling climate change, destroying our Boreal Forest, and drying up our mighty rivers. Albertans will carry all the costs while the party moves South. The time to set a new vision for Alberta's Energy Policy is now! Join the Sierra Club in our call for a moratorium on new developments in Alberta's Tar sands and find out how you can help create an safe energy future that we can all live with!

There will be public hearings on the Tar sands Alberta in March and April that will define the future of our province and you need to be a part of them. Here is how! Read more about Action Alert: Register for Provincial Oil Sands Consultations

Lethbridge Rally for Kyoto


Lethbridge Rally for KyotoSunday March 11, 2007Galt Gardens Park12 pmRemember daylight savings!Speakers

  • Sheldon Day Chief - Running Antelope Clan Blackfoot Nation
  • Open Microphone - open for the general public


  • Bullhorn Singers
  • Andrew Scott
  • Trena Marie
  • Gordon McFarlane
  • Black Betty
  • Shannon Pahara


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Edmonton Climate Change Rally


Edmonton Climate Change RallySunday, March 11 @ 12 NoonSir Winston Churchill SquareWe're asking everyone concerned about climate change to please come out this Sunday and rally for Kyoto. Bring your family, friends, children and pets. This will be a fun afternoon with speakers, musicians, and other activities, but we need large numbers of people to demonstrate the breadth and strength of commitment in Canada to combatting global warming. We cannot afford to look feeble.

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Canadians for Kyoto Climate Change Rally - Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge

Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge

Who: Canadians for KyotoWhat: Rally for the EnvironmentWhere: cities across Canada including Edmonton, Calgary, and LethbridgeWhen: Mar. 11/07 (specific times may vary)Why: To raise awareness about environmental issues. To gather as a community, make our voives heard, and sign a petition to encourage the Canadian government officials to comply with the Kyoto Protocol agreement.

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Calgary Rally for Kyoto


There will be a Calgary Rally for Kyoto on March 11th at 12 noon at The Harry Hays Building, Calgary in support of Canada fulfilling its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol to cut greenhouse gases. Speakers at the event include David Swann MLA, Brian Pincott, and George Read. We will have musical performers and a drum circle to follow, so bring your noise makers!

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Action Alert - Alberta must do it's part to fight climate change!

From: Lindsay Telfer

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach and the newly appointed Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner have announced to the world that Alberta is not willing to fight climate change.

"Alberta can't make absolute reductions in greenhouse gas emissions during the current boom", said Renner, and that is the message that he is taking to Ottawa. Read more about Action Alert - Alberta must do it's part to fight climate change!


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