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McClelland Lake Wetlands One Step Closer to Destruction

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: July 20, 2006

Thanks to the Supreme Court of Canada the McClelland Lake Wetland Complex, a boreal treasure and potential candidate for World Heritage Site status, is one step closer to destruction. Today the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear an appeal of the Federal Court of Appeal's ruling in Prairie Acid Rain Coalition et al v. Canada (Minister of Fisheries and Oceans).

"Not only does this decision rubberstamp the destruction of much of McClelland fen and the McClelland Lake Wetland Complex but also it pulls virtually all of the teeth out of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act," says Dr. Ian Urquhart, a University of Alberta political scientist who works on boreal forest conservation issues for AWA.

An Open Letter to the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board

Alberta Wilderness Association

June 26, 2006

Neil McCrank
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board

Dear Mr. McCrank:

We, the undersigned, are extremely dismayed by the lack of responsibility that the Energy and Utility Board (EUB) displayed with Decision 2006-052. After hearing the concerns of 150 ranchers and landowners in Chain Lakes, you did what we hoped you wouldn't, and ignored the concerns of Albertans thus permitting another well in one of the province's most historic landscapes. You simply disregarded Board policies that call for public debate and environmental planning. And in so doing, you have gone against your own mandate and defied the expressed interests of all Albertans. In short, it was business as usual with the Board.

EUB Ignores Its Own Rules And Fails Public In Compton Decision

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: June 9, 2006

The Alberta Energy Utilities Board's (EUB) decision to deny standing to concerned citizens and to allow Compton Petroleum to continue its development in the Livingstone region disregards its own guidelines and fails to protect the public interest. Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) is joining local residents in calling for a "time-out" on development until the non-petroleum values of this important Eastern Slopes region can be fully evaluated.

Ghost Waiparous Plan May Not Protect Water and Wildlife

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: May 19, 2006

The recently released Ghost Waiparous Access Management Plan (GAMP) does not go far enough to protect watersheds and wildlife in our Eastern Slopes. Nor is it a suitable template for access management planning throughout Alberta. AWA believes that management plans must have watershed and wildlife habitat protection as a priority, be based on scientific principles, and have high standards for implementation and measured outcomes.

Albertans Speak Out About Forests: Wildlife Comes First

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: May 9, 2006

In a recent survey of forest use in Alberta, Albertans made it clear that managing our forests should be about more than timber and fibre production. Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) supports responsible ecosystem-based forest management that does not compromise wildlife and wilderness values, and this survey shows that Albertans share these values.

"The survey highlights a disconnect between how Albertans want to see our forests managed, and how the government is managing them," says Nigel Douglas, AWA Conservation Specialist. "Current forest management focuses almost exclusively on clearcutting the forest. Everything else - wildlife, recreation, clean water - comes a distant second in their management."


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