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"Keeping the Athabasca" Citizens' Water Forum and Watershed Stewardship Workshop

Mar 3 2010 - 7:00am to Mar 6 2010 - 7:00am

Keeping the Athabasca: Water is Life… As Long as the Rivers Flow

A Citizens' Inquiry into the Monitoring, Management & Protection of our Athabasca Basin Watersheds, Surface & Ground Waters


The Keepers of the Athabasca and their cooperating partners invite you to participate in our March 03 -06 "Keeping the Water : Water is Life...As Long as the Rivers Flow..." Gathering , a free citizens'  forum and stewardship workshop examining the management, monitoring and protection of  our Athabasca Basin watersheds and surface and ground waters. These Athabasca meetings are part of an ongoing series of community groundwater and watershed forums held in  Athabasca Basin communities this winter. Together with Crooked Creek Conservancy, Safe Drinking Water Foundation, Athabasca University and Science Outreach Athabasca, the Keepers of the Athabasca are hosting three days of water educational meetings here at Athabasca. These events are to be held at several Athabasca Town venues. More detailed information will be posted at the Keepers of the Water website and that of the Safe Drinking Water Foundation (SDWF). Read More


Various locations
Athabasca , AB

Athabasca River Basin Stewardship Conference & AEN Annual General Meeting

<div class="flexinode-body flexinode-1"><div class="flexinode-textarea-1"><div class="form-item"> <label>Description: </label> <h3 align="center"><a href="/files/AEN%20Annual%20Meeting%20Poster%20-%20FINAL%20wo-bleeds.pdf"><img src="/files/images/AEN_AGM_220.jpg" alt="AGM &amp; Conference Poster" title="AGM &amp; Conference Poster" hspace="7" vspace="0" width="220" height="340" align="right" /></a></h3><p align="justify">A bioregional gathering of all friends of the Athabasca River Basin from Jasper through Ft. Chipewyan and beyond. The conference will offer an exciting opportunity to support and strengthen existing groups and build new ones as we build and launch a coalition focusing on the protection of the Athabasca River.</p><p align="justify">The weekend will include plenaries and panel discussions on water management in the province and for the Athabasca specifically. Speakers currently include: Dr. David Schindler, Dr. John O&#39;Connor, Andrew Nikiforuk, and many more.</p><p align="justify">The Alberta Environmental Network Annual General Meeting and Spring Caucus Meetings will be held in conjunction with the conference. Caucuses include: </p><ul><li>Clean Air &amp; Energy;</li><li>Toxics &amp; Waste Avoidance;</li><li>Forests &amp; Wilderness;</li><li>Water;</li><li>Agriculture;</li><li>Parks;</li><li>Electricity Working Group; and <br /></li><li>Oil Sands Strategy Working Group.</li></ul><div align="justify">Joint <a href="/node/1368#registration">registration</a> for the conference and AEN meetings is available. </div><h3><a href="/node/1368#program">Conference Schedule</a></h3><h3><a href="/files/athabasca_riverbasin_program.pdf">Download Conference Program (pdf) </a></h3><h3><a href="/node/1368#registration">Registration Information</a></h3> </div> </div></div>
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