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Royalty Reform Town Hall

You are invited to a meeting on Resource Royalty ReformOur Resources, Our Future, Our DecisionsWho should get the royalties — big oil or the people of Alberta? Come and have your say. Panelists Include:


EnCana Makes the Case for Public Ownership in the Energy Industry

The Parkland Institute has published an Op-Ed on the Royalty Review, the energy industry's response, and the case for public ownership in the energy sector.

Monday, October 08, 2007

by Ricardo Acuña

In the weeks following the release of the recommendations of Alberta's Royalty Review Panel, energy giant EnCana has been one of the loudest opponents of any moves that might increase the direct benefits Albertans receive from their natural resources — going as far as publicly threatening to cancel a billion dollars worth of investment if the panel's recommendations are implemented.

The irony of these threats and the desire to see Albertans get less than full value for their oil and gas will not be lost on those who remember EnCana's history. Read more about EnCana Makes the Case for Public Ownership in the Energy Industry


Action Alert: Royalty Review Panel Recommendations

Pembina Institute

The recent recommendations from Premier Stelmach's Royalty Review Panel represent a step forward for the province of Alberta. We need your help to ensure that Premier Stelmach implements the recommendations put forward by the Royalty Review Panel. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Read the report of the Royalty Review Panel, Our Fair Share: Report of the Alberta Royalty Review Panel
  2. Think like an owner.
  3. Insist that Premier Stelmach adopts all the royalty recommendations made by the Royalty Review Panel.
Read more about Action Alert: Royalty Review Panel Recommendations>

Marie Lake Decision Brings Hope for McClelland Lake Fen

Alberta Wilderness Association

Release Date: September 6, 2007

Premier Stelmach's decision to halt seismic testing on Marie Lake indicates a shift in government priorities that may bode well for other lakes and wetlands on the brink of destruction. One such area is the spectacular McClelland Lake Wetland Complex north of Fort McMurray. Read more about Marie Lake Decision Brings Hope for McClelland Lake Fen

Sierra Club Chinook Group Monthly Meeting: "A Thousand Barrels a Second", Peter Tertzakian

Sierra Club of Canada — Chinook GroupThe Sierra Club Chinook Group hosts a monthly meeting series on the 1st Wed. of every month from 7 to 9 pm at the Calgary Area Outdoor Council at 1111 Memorial Drive NW. Best-selling author of A Thousand Barrels a Second, published by McGraw-Hill, Peter Tertzakian is the Chief Energy Economist of ARC Financial Corporation, one of the world's leading energy investment firms.

Tools for Change Workshop: Non-Violent Direct Action & Grassroots Organizing

Presented by GREENPEACE and the Sierra Club of Canada — Prairie ChapterOn Aug 19 at 1:00, GREENPEACE and the Sierra Club will unite forces to provide the first in a series of workshops designed to give you the tools you need to create some change and stop one of the most environmentally devastating projects on the face of the planet - the Alberta Tar Sands.

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