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SDG Caucus Meeting

Nov 12 2021 - 11:00am

RCEN is about to launch a National SDG Caucus. Join now to take action on the Sustainable Development Goals!

Is your organization or some of your members passionately interested in the topic of the Sustainable Development Goals? If so, join our SDG Caucus Meeting where we will be discussing the scope of the caucus, forming alliances between local government and ENGOs as well as growing our membership list for the new year. Read More

Canadian Environmental Network Annual General Meeting

Mar 12 2016 - 3:00pm

From: Josh Brandon, Chair, RCEN Board of Directors

Since 1977 RCEN has been forging connections among environmental organizations, activists and governments in order to promote collaboration and communication. By bringing together Canada’s environmental grassroots through a national network, we amplify each member’s voice and impact.

When RCEN’s core funding was cut in 2011, we didn’t go away. The experience forced us to scale back our activities, but we continued to give environmental organizations and activists a space to come together and work on the issues that matter to them.

With a new government in Ottawa we are excited to seek out new partnerships and new sources of funding. We believe that RCEN still has an important role to play on the national stage.

RCEN now has a chance to re-imagine our place in this country. Politics, culture, technology and the economy have changed in the last five years and we must all adapt to the new reality. Now is the time to decide how we will use the opportunities that are in front of us. How can RCEN come back stronger, leaner, more resilient, more independent, more responsive to a changing world and our members’ needs? Read More


Location TBD Ottawa , ON

Environmental groups support environmental commissioner’s call for transparency, open data and better public consultations needed

OTTAWA — Environmental groups are pleased that the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD)’s report emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability, and the need to better integrate scientific knowledge into federal decision making. The groups argue that public consultations need to be meaningful, and supported by open data. Read More

Webinar: The Environmental Petitions Process

Nov 23 2011 - 6:30pm

RCEN in partnership with We Canada present:

The Environmental Petitions Process: Helping You Contribute to Government Transparency and Accountability

In the Federal Sustainable Development Act, the federal government “acknowledges the need to integrate environmental, economic, and social factors in the making of all decisions by government.” Upholding this principle can be a challenge, but there are tools available to Canadian citizens and organizations – like yours – to make environmental concerns heard.  Read More

Longstanding Federal Partnership with Canadian Environmental Network Terminated

Future uncertain for network of over 640 environmental groups

Today, the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN), one of Canada’s oldest, largest, and most well-respected democratic institutions serving the environmental concerns of all Canadians, was forced to lay off its staff and is on the verge of closing its doors and those of its 11 regional offices. Read More

RCEN e-Bulletin: August 31, 2011 Edition

Network News

Webinar: Getting Ready fo​r the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act 

Webinar logoExpected to come into force this fall, the newCanada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act sets out a host of new rules that could pose significant compliance challenges for not-for-profits organizations. How can you prepare for these changes? Register for our free webinar on Wednesday, September 7thLearn more

Comment Period Open for Friends of the CBD Conference Outcomes Document 

Friends of the CBDOn August 5th, the Biodiversity Caucus hosted a Friends of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Conference to explore the meaning and priorities of the multi-stakeholder association. The comment period for providing feedback on the preliminary outcomes of the discussion is open until September 25thMore

RCEN Job Opportunity: Youth & Member Engagement Officer 

We’re looking for an energetic individual to help facilitate the integration of new members and youth within existing RCEN caucuses and working groups, while at the same time building environmental NGO capacity across the country. Apply by September 8thMore


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Environment Canada: Proposed Reduction of CO2 Emissions from Coal-fired Generation of Electricity Regulations

Darlington New Nuclear Power Plant Project Joint Review Panel Submits Environmental Assessment Report

Apply to be a Member of FCM’s Green Municipal Fund Council


The Charities File: Compliant Fundraising Webinars

Thinking Beyond Pipes and Pumps: Top 10 Ways Communities Can Save Water and Money

Getting Ready for the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act: What your Group needs to know (Webinar)

Sep 7 2011 - 5:30pm

Building Blocks: ENGO Webinar Series

Expected to come into force this fall, the new Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (NFP Act) sets out a host of new rules that could pose significant compliance challenges for federally incorporated not-for-profit organizations. How can you prepare for these changes? 

Register for our free webinar on Wednesday, September 7th at 11:30am MT Read More

Rio+20 Summit Civil Society Workshop

Jun 4 2011 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

The RCEN has been invited by Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) and Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future (SF) to select 10 ENGO leads representing the different regions of Canada to host and facilitate civil society consultations in preparation for the Rio +20 Earth Summit (UNCSD) 2012. Read More


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