Action Alert! More support is needed for Alberta's caribou!

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Edmonton Chapter

Thanks so much for all the quick responses to send letters to David Coutts in support of our caribou! Read on for another opportunity to take action to protect the caribou!

Stop the Logging, Save the Caribou!

While government and industry claim they are concerned about caribou recovery, they continue to plan logging in caribou ranges that their own studies have shown do not contain enough habitat to support caribou populations. Please write to West Fraser and Foothills Forest Products and cc your letter to the Honorable David Coutts and tell them that this is not acceptable! Here are some points that can be included in your letter:

  • Woodland caribou are considered "threatened" in Alberta
  • The Little Smoky herd west of Hinton has been identified by government as "at immediate risk of extirpation", and the A La Peche herd as "stable" but only since it has abandoned its winter range in the Foothills.
  • The government has just declared it will implement a series of actions to add a greater level of protection for woodland caribou and establish a planning team to focus on these two herds among others in the area.
  • This planning team is not likely to have its recommendations ready before logging in these ranges continues this winter.
  • A recent study has indicated there is currently inadequate habitat for these two herds.
  • Logging in these ranges should be deferred until a plan is in place and shown to be effective in restoring these caribou populations.
  • Canfor has deferred logging, so should you!

Contact information:
Mr. H. Ketcham, CEO West Fraser Timber
501 - 858 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1C1
c/o [email protected]

Mr. Aaron Davis - Site Manager
Foothills Forest Products
Box 180
Grande Cache, AB T0E 0Y0
Ph: 780.827.2225
Fax: 780.827.2246
[email protected]

Honourable David Coutts, Minister of Sustainable Resource Development
420 Legislature Building 10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6
Phone: 780.415.4815
Fax: 780.415.4818
[email protected]