Edmonton's LRT - Urgent Call to Action

Edmonton Trolley Coalition

In case you were not aware, administration is urging City Council to delay construction of South LRT south of Southgate, claiming now that the amount earned from the fuel tax rebate will not be enough to cover the entire cost of the loan needed to finance construction. City Council had previously set the completion of LRT all the way to Heritage as a priority. Administration was not asked to re-evaluate Council’s priorities.

Delaying LRT construction will, of course, only result in higher costs in the long run, as construction costs increase faster than interest rates. Council has also committed to redeveloping the Heritage site as a higher density, transit-oriented development. If LRT is delayed, the attraction and value of this development will be diminished.

Administration’s proposal is perhaps penny wise, but definitely pound foolish.

We ask you, please, to contact your city councillor and/or the Citizens Action Centre [496-8200 or [email protected]] to urge Council to follow through with the construction of South LRT all the way to Heritage in one go. Edmontonians have waited long enough. South LRT will form a vital link in the city’s transportation system that will benefit all citizens.

This issue is on the agenda for the Tuesday, May 31st Council meeting. It is important you contact your councillor or the Citizens Action Centre as soon as possible.

Thank you for your action on this issue!

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