Riverdale NetZero Energy House Tours

Edmonton’s first two net zero energy homes

Self-Guided Open Houses

Most Saturdays, 1pm to 4pm

9926 87 Street in the Riverdale neighbourhood (from Jasper Avenue, go south on 95 Street and follow the road next to the river valley for 1 km)

What is it 

  • two beautiful new houses that generate all their own heat and electricity for space heating, hot water, lighting and appliances over the year
  • one of 12 homes in CMHC’s world-class EQuilibrium Sustainable Housing Initiative, www.cmhc.ca
  • EQuilibrium houses are helping Canada’s home building industry meet peoples’ concerns with environmental damage, energy security and utility costs.


  • energy and water efficient construction and appliances reduce heating by 66%, hot water by 75%, and electricity use by 52%
  • of the remaining energy needs: passive solar supplies 56% of heating, active solar thermal supplies 28% of heating and 93% of hot water, solar electricity supplies 108% for lighting and appliances plus 16% for heating and 7% for hot water
  • low energy and low water appliances
  • drain water and air heat recovery
  • LED, CFL and halogen-task lighting
  • sustainable materials and landscaping

Annual utilities 

  • natural gas bill:  $0;     
  • water bill:  $430 for family of 4
  • electricity bill:  $150 to $250 for connection to grid including credit for surplus electricity

Energy emissions 

  • less than zero (it is a net surplus energy house)

What to find out   

  • Sustainable materials, water and energy efficiency and solar energy ideas for your house.  How to get to net zero.

Tour format 

  • Self-guided.  Tour on your own.  Lots of information posted on the walls.  Project team member on site to answer questions.

More info 

To contact us  [email protected]