Canadian Environmental Network E-Bulletin: July 16, 2008

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Network News — July 16, 2008

Federal Sustainable Development Act Now Law

Having received Royal Assent on June 26th, the Federal Sustainable Development Act will provide the legal framework for developing and implementing a Federal Sustainable Development Strategy that will make environmental decision-making more transparent and accountable to Parliament. The Act also creates an Advisory Council that will include representatives from the environmental movement to advise the government on its strategy. Click here to read the Act...

Coalition Calls on Government to Protect Lakes from Toxic Mining Wastes

An emerging coalition of conservation, Aboriginal, and social justice organizations is calling on the federal government to stop the practice of allowing mining companies to use Canada’s lakes as tailings impoundment areas. Several of these groups’ members are participating in federal consultations on the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations (Schedule 2) as delegates chosen by the RCEN. Read the press release issued by this coalition and a backgrounder on the issue at

Ontario Announces Protection of its Northern Boreal Region

Last Monday, the Government of Ontario announced that the province will protect at least 225,000 square kilometres of the Far North Boreal region under its Far North Planning initiative. This announcement will result in the protection of at least 50 percent of this region from industrial development. Good news for all Canadians!

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