Canadian Environmental Network E-Bulletin: June 11, 2008

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Network News — June 11, 2008

Green Business and the RCEN

At the beginning of June, Algonquin College in Ottawa organized an event to launch its Green Business Management Certificate, which was developed to provide green business management training to lead businesses and society in sustainable business practices. The event was attended by Canada’s Environment Minister, and a staff member from the RCEN was there to learn more.

At last year’s AGM, our National Council voted in favour of a resolution to create an Environmental Finance and Entrepreneurship Working Group (EFE-WG), whose mandate is to “engage RCEN's membership with the emerging for-profit environmental sector”. If you are an RCEN member and would like to participate or learn more about the EFE-WG, please contact Olivier Kolmel (, member of the Board of Directors.

An Environmental Victory for Grassy Narrows First Nation!

Last week, the Grassy Narrows First Nation in Ontario won a decades-long battle to end logging on their traditional lands when forest-products giant AbitibiBowater announced its decision to stop logging in the area. Several environmental groups campaigning in support of Grassy Narrows noted how this victory underlines the importance of protecting the Boreal Forest and the rights of aboriginal communities across Canada. Over the years, several RCEN members have been campaigning in support of this struggle through organizations such as the Canadian Boreal Initiative and the Taiga Rescue Network.

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