Action Alert — Alberta's Proposed Land-use Framework Needs Your Voice

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Deadline extended to June 23rd — submit your views now!

Who? Every Albertan
What? Take some time to fill out the Draft Land-use Framework Public Feedback Survey
When? Now! Deadline for input is June 23
Where? Online website
Why? Land-use is a key component of sustainable development. A well thought out plan is in the best interest of all stakeholders.

What is the Draft Land-use Framework?

On May 21, the Government of Alberta released a proposed Draft Land Use Framework. This important new provincial policy will profoundly effect how land and water are used in the future. It outlines a new system for land-use in the province.

Why is my input important?

We are hearing that the government views this public input period as an indicator of whether Albertans are supportive of the Land-use Framework… and more importantly whether Albertans are supportive of change and action.

Without public backing for the Land-use Framework we could end up in a 'business as usual' scenario. For the Land-use Framework to be implemented, the government must receive a clear signal from the public that they support this policy initiative.

Your feedback is critical for ensuring the Land-use Framework process moves forward.

The attached Fact Sheet "Alberta's Proposed Land-use Framework Needs Your Voice" provides background and information for submitting public input.

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