Bike Month and Bikeology Festival Event Details

The Bikeology gears in partnership with Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society,the City of Edmonton Transporation Department, Rainbow Bridge Communications, Mountain Equipment Co-op,Earth’s General Store, Metro Cinema, Three Bananas Café and and The Edmonton Small Press Association bring you a month of free velo-tastic events!

Bikey Breakfasts

Fridays in June from 7-9am.

Stop by for free coffee, snacks and information. Mechanics will provide free bike maintenance checks.

June 6 and 27 7-9 am @ 109 Street & 88 Avenue — The Bicycle Bottleneck on the southwest side of the High Level Bridge

June 20 7-9 am @ 109 Street & 97 Avenue — Ezio Faraone Park on the northwest side of the High Level Bridge

June 13 — 7-9 am @ Churchill Square for the big Pancake Breakfast. People’s Pedal volunteers flip for you! Vegan pancakes, fruit, juice and coffee with a side of velo-love!

Bicycle Jewelry Class - make ‘trashion’ with salvaged bike parts

June 5, 7 - 9:30 pm, Harcourt House, Annex, main floor, 10211 - 112 Street. Taught by Helen Winter. All salvaged parts provided. Free admittance. Please rsvp [email protected] if you intend to come.

Commuter Challenge

Sunday June 1 — Saturday June 7

Commute to work by any other means than single-occupancy vehicle: walk, car pool, bus, skateboard, roller blade, or best of all - bike! Then log your commute, pitting yourself against other people, groups and cities. You can even get your place of work registered. To find out more check out

Commuter Race and Breakfast

Wednesday June 4, 7-9am.

Curious as to which mode of transport is most efficient? Find out at Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society’s annual Commuter Race… Perhaps it’s yours! Prizes, juice, coffee & snacks! Email [email protected] to sign up if you want to race. Race starts at the corner of 109th St + 72nd Ave, finishes at South Library Plaza of the Downtown Library.

Clean Air Day

Wednesday June 4, Noon

Monday Night Movies at Metro Cinema and the Ride-In Outdoor movie

All Monday night movies are at Metro Cinema @ 7:30 at Metro Cinema, in Zeidler Hall Main Floor– Citadel Theatre, 9828 101A Ave. Admission is FREE. Donations are split evenly between Ecos and People’s Pedal.

The Ride-In Outdoor movie is at the Victoria Cricket Pitch

Bicycle culture is a growing worldwide celebration of people-powered, instead of auto-matic, ways of living and getting around. In film, art, music,games, poetry, and just about every cultural form imaginable, the bicycle is a vehicle for the imagination. Come and get a taste of bicycle culture, from Edmonton to the world and back.

All movie events start with “Barb’s Bike Shorts” (22 min), prizes and more.

June 2 at Metro Cinema

“A Sunday in Hell” Danish, 1976, 111 minutes
Director: Jorgen Leth

A Sunday In Hell is probably the finest cycling film ever made. It’s over one hundred minutes of finely-calculated suspense that leaves the viewer limp from vicarious pain and excitement. Once a year the Paris-Roubaix road race taxes the energy of Europe’s best riders, Eddy Merckx, De Vlaminick, Franceco Moser, Freddy Maertens etc.

June 9 at Metro Cinema

Portland’s Filmed by Bike Festival 2007, USA, 2007.
Web site:

Filmed by Bike is the West Coast’s premier bike-themed film festival. The festival embraces the art and innovation of bikes through the eyes of imaginative storytellers who use moving images to celebrate the world’s most efficient and creative form of transportation. Since 2003, Filmed by Bike has showcased a love of two wheels in film shorts of eight minutes or less. And in case you didn’t know, Portland Oregon is aka. Bike City, USA

June 16 at Metro Cinema

Bikecar”, USA, 2007
Web site:

Snowboarders Travis Parker, Louie Fountain and Scotty Wittlake approached travel differently in the winter of 2006. Putting snowmobiles and 4×4s to shame, the crew traveled across the Great Northwest in a bikecar. “A bikecar?”, one may ask. Yes, a pedal powered vehicle was the vessel of adventure. Pulling a trailer with snowboards and gear, the crew pedaled in search of snow. Emphasis here is fun-loving bike geeks using their technical skills for high adventure.

June 21 (the longest day of the year) at Victoria Park Cricket Pitch

It’s the cycle-in outdoor movie event! Come at 10 and bring your own picnic.

The Goonies”, USA 1985 (114 min)
Producer: Stephen Spielberg and Richard Donner

A small band of heros plunges in swashbuckling, surprise around-every-corner quest beyond their wildest dreams! Following a mysterious treasure map into a spectacular underground realm of twisting passage, outrageous booby-traps and long-lost pirate ship full of golden doubloons, the kids race to stay one step ahead of a family of bumbling bad guys…and a mild-mannered monster with a face only a mother could love. A family adventure classic. Come cheer on the bike scenes!

June 23 at Metro Cinema:

You Never Bike Alone”, CAN, 2007, 82 mins
Web site:
Producer: Bob Alstead for ICYCLE.CA Productions Ltd.

You Never Bike Alone is about the people behind the phenomenal critical mass rides in Vancouver, Canada, and how cyclists are changing the face of the city. Presented in conjunction with the Edmonton Small Press Association, “You Never Bike Alone” will get you pumped to ride in Edmonton’s special June critical mass ride in remembrance of Owen, a local boy who didn’t let cancer stop him from riding his bicycle.

June 30 at Metro Cinema:

“Pedal”, USA 2001
Producer: Ana Lombardo and Peter Sutherland

Pedal is a fast-paced documentary film about surviving in the streets of New York City as a bicycle messenger. It features messengers from all walks of life as they battle traffic in a race to make their next delivery on time. Pedal allows the viewer to live the spectacle of the delivery, without the bruises and near misses that make up the daily life of a bicycle messenger.

Mocktails on the Bridge

Thursdays June 12th + 26th

4-6pm @ Ezio Faraone Park, North West side of the High Level Bridge, at 109th St

Stop by on your way to/from your commute for a smoothie made in a blender powered by bike! Meet other bike ridin’ folk! Snacks, information and fun times will be provided.

24 Hour Bike Repair-a-thon

Saturday June 14th – Sunday June 15th

12:00pm – 12:00pm

Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society will be open for the care andmaintenance of your bike for 24 hours at BikeWorks, 10047 80th Ave. rear alley entrance only

The EBC crew are on a mission! 24 hours of straight bicycle repairs. Stop by, hang out, bring your bike down, learn some mechanical magic, get dirty, have fun! The regular shop fee for Bikeworks will not be charged for this event as all Bike Month and Bikeology Festival events are free!

Bike Salons (group discussions)

Tuesdays are Salon nights from 7-9pm at

Three Bananas Café, located at 102 Ave + 100 St. in Churchill Square

June 3 - Adventure travel with Daryl Richel. Daryl will have slides from some of his cycling adventures around the world. Come to listen and to share your own cycling adventures.

June 10 - Touring with Ed Waymouth.

June 17 - Winter cycling seminar with Robert Drinkwater and Keith Hallgren

June 24 - Mechanic’s corner with Coreen, Keith Hallgren, other folks. Wanna debate the usefulness of the latest gear, the most efficient chain ring set for riding, or single-speed vs fixie? Or wanna watch in awe as the mechanical minded debate? Bring your questions and/or your curiosity to this discussion panel.

Blow your own horn writing competition!

Think you’re a badass? Tell us the craziest thing you’ve ever shouted, waved, or thrown at a driver!

We’re looking for your best car vs. bike stories for Bike Month. They don’t have to be long — anything from a few sentences to a couple of paragraphs will do. Entries will be posted in the “Under the Helmet” section on the EBC website. The top three finalists will be selected by “Under the Hemet” judges and will be presented at the Bike-In Movie on June 21 at the Victoria Cricket Pitch. You’ll get to vote for the winner with your applause. There will be a cool prize!

Send your entries to [email protected]. Profanity will be $%^&’ed, and we’ll withold your name upon request if you’re concerned your entry might lead to criminal prosecution.

If you have more than one great story, enter twice. Good luck. May the wind be with you!

Bicyrcle writing circle

June 5th, 10 a.m. to 12 pm at the Carrot, the cooperative coffee art house, 9351 118 Ave.

Sit around sipping something hot while musing about the bicycle. Some writing games will be offered for inspiration, ‘though you can write what you wish. Perhaps this is a time to write for the “Blow your horn writing competition” - see details in this events list.

Bikeology Festival - all free!

Saturday June 28th from Noon - 5pm
Beaver Hills House Park at Jasper Ave + 105th St

Edmonton’s Wild Ride Festival! Contests, entertainment, free bike tune-ups, information, pedal powered smoothies and more! Bring your bike, your friends and your sunscreen for a fantastic velo party!

Home-built trailer competition

  • at the Bikeology Festival at 4 o’clock ish
  • $200 prize
  • special note will be taken for bikes made of reused parts

Owen Richel Memorial Critical Mass

Friday June 27th @ 5:30pm

For Owen Richel’s Story see this short video

Meet outside of city hall to take to the streets! Critical mass rides are a fun way to demonstrate use of the bicycle as an efficient and freeing form of daily travel. Dress up, dress down, just come out and ride from Edmonton City Hall to Gazebo Park in the Strathcona area.

People’s Pedal Launch Party

Saturday, June 7, 1-3 pm, Armories – 85 Ave & 104 St. Details TBA

Guided Bicycle Nature Tour

June 29th, 1 to 3 pm

Children on bike and trailer are welcome start at John Janzen Nature Centre, leisurely pace. This ride is rated for novice cyclists and will include lots of discussion stops. Bring water, food and sunscreen. A fresh look at Edmonton’s natural landscapes and responsible bicycling in our natural areas.