Canadian Environmental Network E-Bulletin: May 28, 2008

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Network News - May 28, 2008

A Model for Active Citizenship: Maisie Shiell

Since 1976, Maisie Shiell built up a reputation on both sides of the anti-nuclear debate in Saskatchewan and the rest of Canada as a knowledgeable 'citizen-scientist' who respectfully challenged uranium mining officials at public debates because, in her own words, her goal in life was to leave behind a safe and healthy world for our children.

Sadly, this legendary activist passed away on May 21st at the age of 92. Over the years, she was actively involved with the RCEN and received numerous awards for her tireless work. Please visit the Saskatchewan Eco-Network's website to read more about Maisie Shiell's life and her last letter to the citizens of Saskatchewan.

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