Earth Hour - Saturday 8:00pm

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society — Calgary/Banff Chapter

As many of you know, World Wildlife Fund is asking people around the globe to take stand against climate change by turning out the lights tomorrow night at 8:00 PM. See for more details.

We at CPAWS join in this call and urge all of our supporters to participate. The action in itself will not save much energy, but it will be strong demonstration to the governments and industries of the world that people want change, and that all of us are in this together. The Earth Hour movement has been endorsed by many leading companies and cities, including the City of Calgary.

Climate change and many of our other pressing environmental challenges will not be solved by any government, industry or group of individuals acting alone. We must learn that it will take many levels and sectors of society working in concert. Tomorrow night we have a chance to give that a real try in small, doable way. Lights out, folks.


Dave Poulton, Executive Director
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society — Calgary/Banff Chapter
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