Peace River Environmental Society Website Launched

Press release March 13, 2008
On Monday March 10th the Peace River Environmental Society launched their new website. Denis Sauvageau, co-vice chair of the society, indicated that the website will be a valuable tool for the general public to gain access to important information regarding ongoing development activities in the Peace Country. The current home page has information on various topics including: Oilsands, Landuse, Nuclear Power, Agriculture and Sustainable Energy. Although the website is a work in progress, president Brenda Brochu said that she is looking forward to seeing more information posted on the website in the future, as access to information is the key to making informed decisions regarding development activities. The website can be accessed by typing into your browser or search engine.

Media inquiries:

Denis Sauvageau 780-837-8290

Brenda Brochu 780-624-1533