Canadian Environmental Network E-Bulletin: March 12, 2008

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Network News - March 12th, 2008

Tomorrow Today: How Canada Can Make a World of Difference

This week, 11 of the country's largest environmental groups released a roadmap to action that outlines how Canada can make environmental sustainability a cornerstone of a healthy and prosperous society. The report, entitled Tomorrow Today: How Canada Can Make a World of Difference, offers pratical directions to address today's top environmental issues. By reaching a consensus, these eleven groups (most of them RCEN members) have created a comprehensive roadmap that should be of interest to ordinary Canadians, civil society and the country's leaders. Please click here to visit the website and read the full report.

RCEN Congratulates Michael Horgan, Deputy Minister of Environment Canada for his Outstanding Achievement

On March 5th, Mr. Michael Horgan, Deputy Minister of Environment Canada, was awarded the 2007 Outstanding Achievement Award of the Public Service of Canada. The award is presented to senior public servants for the sustained and exceptional performance of their duties. The RCEN is delighted that Mr. Horgan has been honoured in a manner that is consistent with our experience with him and offers him our sincerest congratulations.

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