Action Alert: TransCanada Pushes ahead with Pipeline! Threatens Lubicon territory!

TransCanada has decided to go ahead with its application for approval of a jumbo 42" gas pipeline cut right through the middle of Lubicon land, without consultation and despite Lubicon objections. They have refused to answer even the most basic safety questions.

The Lubicon Nation needs help now! TransCanada is taking actions that not only open unceded Lubicon territory to even more ruthless and destructive "development", but enable the huge expansion of toxic tarsands operations and so affect all of us. Click link "ACTION ALERT (Background Information)" at for more information.

TransCanada representatives have expressed their surprise at getting "letters from all over the world" on this. We need more if we are to really make them think twice. Phone or email TransCanada and tell them NO PIPELINE AGREEMENT!

This is an easy five minute action that can make a big difference — not only to the Lubicon Cree but for the rest of the planet as well.

Email or phone:

Mr. Willie Grieve
Chair, Alberta Utilities Commission
phone: 403-592-8845
email: [email protected]

Mr. Harold N. Kvisle
President & CEO TransCanada
phone: 1-800-661-3805 or 403-920-6144
email: [email protected]

The AUC keeps an online record of the correspondence they receive on this
issue. You can view it here:

Thank you for your help!

Friends of the Lubicon Alberta