Public Lecture: A Reason for Hope with Dr. Jane Goodall

University of Alberta presents A Reason For HopeDr. Jane Goodall, DBE UN Messenger of Peace and Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute Public Lecture 7:00 PM 10 April 2008 Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium11455 87 AvenueDr. Jane Goodall DBE, began her landmark study of chimpanzees in Tanzania in June 1960. Her work at the Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve became the foundation of future primatological research and redefined the relationship between humans and animals.Dr. Goodall travels an average of 300 days per year speaking about the threats facing chimpanzees and other environmental concerns, and about her reasons for hope that humankind will solve the problems facing our planet.In February 2004, Dr. Goodall was awarded England’s highest honor, Dame of the British Empire, in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Highlights

  • Dr. Goodall will be available for a book signing following her lecture
  • Discover how you can make a difference with the Jane Goodall Institute
  • Jane Goodall Institute merchandise

Tickets now available through (780) 451-8000$35.00 (General) $25.00 (2nd Balcony) $25.00 (Students) For More InformationPhone: (780) 492-4817 / E-mail: reoffice [at] ualberta [dot] ca L'Institut Jane Goodall Institute

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