Global Day of Climate Action Film Screening — What A Way To Go: Life At The End Of Empire

To commemorate the Dec. 8 Global Day of Action on Climate Change:FILM: What A Way To Go: Life At The End Of EmpireDATE & TIME: Sat., DEC. 8 @ 7PM (* please note new time!)LOCATION: NAKED CYBER CAFE, 10354 Jasper Ave.ADMISSION: Free (donations appreciated to offset production costs)Feature film will be introduced and followed by Made-in-Alberta environmental shorts including commentary by world-renowned U of A scientist Dr. David Schindler, animations by Mark Fiore, a short discussion on the variety of actions regular folks can take to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, and more. Door prizes including the much sought-after Union of Concerned Scientists' 2008 Calendars, Tar Sands' Toolkits, Recycled Art and more...See the trailer at: plus see Made-in-Alberta: and Mark Fiore:* NOTE: Earlier on Dec. 8, check out the Climate Funeral & Rally, starting with a procession from Canada Place to the Alberta Legislature, followed by songs, taps, and more. Wear black, bring your tears and push our government to give us a future and take action. March starts 11am. Contact Mike at mhudema [at] yto [dot] greenpeace [dot] org or 430-9202 for more info. The Dec. 8 global actions coincide with the meeting of heads of state in Bali, Indonesia for the UN Climate negotiations.)Film SynopsesWhat A Way To Go: Life At The End Of EmpireWritten, Directed, and Edited by Tim Bennett2007, USA, 123 min.Tim Bennett, middle-class white guy, started waking up to the global environmental nightmare in the mid-1980s. But life was so busy with raising kids and pursuing the American dream that he never got around to acting on his concerns. Until now.Bennett journeys from complacency to consciousness in his feature-length documentary, What a Way To Go: Life at the End of Empire. He reviews his Midwestern roots, ruthlessly examines the stories he was raised with, and then details the grim realities humans now face: escalating climate change, resource shortages, degraded ecosystems, an exploding global population and teetering global economies.Bennett identifies and calls into question the fundamental assumption that has led to this unprecedented crisis in human history: that humans were destined to dominate the rest of the community of life with the Culture of Empire. This excellent documentary presents itself as an engaging video poem and pushes the dialogue where Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth dared not go.Powerful interviews with well-known authors including Daniel Quinn, Derrick Jensen and Richard Heinberg, and noted scientists William Schlesinger and Stuart Pimm, fill in some important pieces. Scathing and humorous use of archival footage is balanced with very human snapshot comments from family and friends. On Walkabout, Bennett ends with an invitation to join him with courage and consciousness on the unexplored shores of a future not yet written.

"This is the most demanding wake-up call to all and sundry I have so far seen - a very hard kick in the groin, a straight punch to the face - no mean feat for any film - and essential viewing while there may still be a little time... Stunning and captivating, this is surely the film we have all been waiting for."

"A bleak, relentless, ecological horror film." Marc Maximov, The Independent Weekly

"If what Gore offered was an "inconvenient truth," WHAT A WAY TO GO gives us the "whole truth." That is, Gore's story with peak oil, unsustainable agriculture, and our mass assault on the community of life added in to fill out the picture of climbing atmospheric carbon concentrations and melting ice caps." Dan Armstrong, Mud City Press

"Hundreds of my readers have told me that my novel Ishmael should be read in every high school classroom in the world. Naturally I'd be delighted to see this happen, but I really think it would be more to the point to have "What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire" seen in every high school classroom in the world! The two hours of this documentary are two hours that bring hope for the future of humanity by awakening and informing in the most profound yet lucid way imaginable." — Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael and Tales of Adam

- and -Made-in-Alberta: "Water and Weather"Written & Directed by Barb Allard, Rainbow Bridge Communications2007, Canada, 32 min. (series of 4-minute shorts)Made-in-Alberta investigates climate change in Alberta by interviewing our own local experts on the problem, and more importantly, the solutions.. Dr. Martin Sharp explains why glaciers are disappearing so fast and makes memorable statements on the true nature of the global warming problem. Dr. David Schindler gives us the hard truth - climate warming is well underway in Alberta and it's already affecting water supplies. Dr. Suzanne Bayley describes the essential role of wetlands in preserving water quality and quantity - especially under the added duress of climate warming. Brian Johnston explains how you can easily reduce your household water consumption to one-third the average, and then surprising ways to save even more water. Finally, we hear from a group of grade-seven students, who are beginning to study global warming in school, and how they and their teacher grapple with the information.For More info:Edmonton Small Press Association (ESPA)P.O. Box 75086 RPOEdmonton, AB T6E 6K1 Canada(780) 434-9236* Eco-friendly (Digital) Press Kit at: film is part of a year-long series of socially-conscious films to celebrate ESPA's 10th Anniversary.MORE FILMS COMING IN 2008...Jan. 26, 2008: "Illegal Art" & "Pictoplasma Animation Festival" (re-screenings by popular demand!)Feb. 23: "Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad (A Little Bit of So Much Truth)", a remarkable film about last year's people's uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico (Spanish with English subtitles)March 8: "Who's Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies & Global Economics" (to commemorate Int'l Women's Day)March 22: "Breaking Ranks" (U.S. war resisters) and "No End in Sight" (to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq)April 19: "5-Ring Circus", covering the environmental and human rights consequences surrounding the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and other Made-in-Alberta eco-vids (to commemorate Earth Day)May 24: ESPA's 5th Annual Fair Trade Fair & Film Festival, featuring "Global Banquet: The Politics of Food", "China Blue" (about sweatshops), and "Banana Split", plus fair-trade & animation shorts and more, as part of National Fair Trade Weeks.June 2008: "You Never Bike Alone", a highly entertaining feature- length documentary about Critical Mass to commemorate Bike Month and Bikeology's Sustainable Future Fair, plus "Barb's Bike Shorts".July & August: No FilmsSept. 2008: "Darfur Diaries" & "The Devil Came on Horseback", to commemorate the Sept. 17 Int'l Day for Darfur and pressure the UN to take meaningful action on the genocide.- and -"Encounter Point", a remarkable film about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict resolution movement, to commemorate the Sept. 21 Int'l Day of Peace.Oct. 2008: ESPA's 2008 North of Nowhere Expo, a multidisciplinary festival of independent media & underground art - films, visual art, skillshares & more. Feature exhibitions by 'living legend' Mail Artist Anna Banana, a multidisciplinary exploration of Colony Collapse Disorder featuring the Beehive Collective, plus a 10th Anniversary Retrospective of ESPA's first decade of rabble-rousing, and featuring a remarkable exhibition of the best small press, zines, mail art, artistamps, political prints and underground art from our permanent collection (details coming in Spring 2008).All dates & times subject to slight change - call for more info!Edmonton Small Press Association (ESPA)P.O. Box 75086 RPOEdmonton, AlbertaT6E 6K1

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