Global Day of Climate Action: Climate Funeral

Saturday, December 8th join us on the streets for a climate funeral. The procession will go from Canada Place to the Alberta legislature. There will be a coffin, a minister, songs, taps, and more. Please were black, bring your tears and push our government to give us a future. December 8th11:00 am - 1:00 pmMeet at Canada Place (south side entrance) march to the Alberta Legislature. Organized by the CYCC, Greenpeace, STOP (Stop Tar Sands Operations Permanently) and the Sierra Club. The event coincides with the meeting of heads of state in Bali, Indonesia for the UN Climate negotiations. On December 8, the people of Canada can stand in solidarity with millions world wide to demand our leaders take real action. Much Music is going to be joining the rally and covering the action. They will have two VJ's on site and will be broadcasting it nationally.The Raging Grannies have also agreed to lend some mournful tunes to the entire occasion. So we will have great Raging support for the event. Please, please spread the word. Edmonton is one of 18 events happening across the country and actions are occurring in every province in Canada. See you all there, M. Contact Mike at mhudema [at] yto [dot] greenpeace [dot] org or 780 430 9202 for more information. Follow what's going on at the UN: