CPANS Luncheon: Watershed Planning in Alberta - Water Quality Objectives

by Bill Berzins, Chair of Bow River Basin Council and President of Fossil WaterThe Government of Alberta recently published performance measurements on Alberta's major river basins that highlight the susceptibility of our river systems to nutrient loading associated with storm water and non-point source loadings. Under Water for Life, Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils across the Province are preparing Watershed Management Plans which address Water Conservation Objectives and Water Quality Objectives for major sub-basins. The South Saskatchewan River Basin Phase II (promulgated in August 2006) established WCO's for the 3 sub-basins in the SSRB - currently the Elbow River Watershed Partnership and the Bow River Basin Council are developing WQO's that address water quality requirements on a reach-by-reach basis. The presenter will review the objective-setting process, highlight particular areas of interest (including dissolved oxygen and nutrients) and discuss the implications for drinking water supplies and economic activity. An update on the WCO/WQO-setting by other WPACs will also be provided. The presenter will also discuss highlights of the Alberta Water Council initiatives on IntraBasin Water Movement and Renewal of Water For Life.

  • When: December 5, 2007 from 11:30 to 13:00, Wednesday
  • Where: Calgary downtown Ramada Hotel, 708 8 Ave. SW, second floor
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