Request for Proposals: Alberta Emerald Foundation Youth Project

The Alberta Emerald Foundation has issued a Request for Proposals (RfP) for the Alberta Emerald Foundation Youth Project. A description and objectives of the project are given below. To download and read the whole RfP, visit the Alberta Emerald Foundation website.


Youth, environment and sustainability; we hear these words repeatedly linked, yet, what do we really mean? Do we know what hooks today’s youth into being motivated, enthusiastic advocates and participants of sound environmental and sustainability practices?

At the Alberta Emerald Foundation (AEF) we have an idea, but before we put it into action, we want to test our assumptions, ensure that efforts are not being duplicated and that any program we put in place, adds value to the work that is already being done by other worthy organizations.

We know sharing examples of success changes people’s attitudes and behaviours, encouraging others to participate; our Foundation was established based upon this researched and demonstrated premise. Now, we would like to take this one step further. The Alberta Emerald Foundation proposes to advance ongoing environmental behavioural change by encouraging and recognizing youth projects with an environment focus.

Project Objective: To explore the potential of the Alberta Emerald Foundation to:

  1. enhance youth involvement in environmental excellence by encouraging and showcasing environmentally-related projects
  2. determine the most effective role the Alberta Emerald Foundation can take in supporting and encouraging youth involvement in environmental excellence.
  3. determine the critical and essential partnerships (i.e. Governments, Corporate education initiatives, other Foundations and not for profits, and others) that can and need to be created to ensure youth program success, to prevent duplication of efforts, and to encourage the development of environment specific projects or programs by and for youth.
  4. explore the potential of the Alberta Emerald Foundation to enhance youth involvement in environmental excellence by encouraging and showcasing environmentally-related projects, both as a part of educational modules and voluntary, alternative learning initiatives.
  5. determine if there is a role for AEF within the formal education system, working with Alberta Education and others.
  6. address the questions of:
    • Determine if there are gaps in programming for youth? What about older youth (18-25) – is this population being served?
    • Determine if AEF can be a factor in recognizing and sharing the environmental successes that other organizations are spearheading through their programs?
  7. create effective, dynamic youth initiatives that are of interest and value to youth while also meeting the vision, mission and values of the Alberta Emerald Foundation.

Download and read the whole RfP at the Alberta Emerald Foundation website.