Make Your Own Aerated Compost Tea Workshop

<div class="flexinode-body flexinode-1"><div class="flexinode-textarea-1"><div class="form-item"> <label>Description: </label> <h4>Make Your Own Aerated Compost Tea Workshop - The Cheapest, Most Effective Way to Revitalize Your Yard</h4><p>Come find out about a new way to add health to the soil and plants in your yard. You will learn: </p><ul><li>How to make your own compost tea brewer for your yard in a 5 gallon pail </li><li>The history and benefits of aerated compost tea </li><li>How you can use these liquid organics to build healthy plants and soil </li></ul><p>Aerated Compost Tea is made by putting good compost in a bucket or barrel of water and bubbling lots of air through it. The wonderful soil micro-organisms in the compost multiply and you have a rich &#39;soup&#39; that you can spray on your soil and plants.</p><p>Soil micro-organisms are important to the health of your soil and plants because they break down organic matter and make nutrients available to plants. </p><p><strong>Instructor:</strong> Laureen Rama <br /><strong>Price:</strong> $10.00 (100% <a href="">Calgary Dollars</a> Accepted) <br /><strong>Location:</strong> Crowfoot Public Library <br /><br /><strong>Contact Information:</strong> Register your seat by calling 230–1443 ext. 225 or by email: <span class="spamspan"><span class="u">jen</span> [at] <span class="d">cleancalgary [dot] org</span></span></p> </div> </div></div>
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