Environmental Law Centre's Comments on Bill 1: The Lobbyists Act

The Environmental Law Centre's (ELC) mission is to ensure that laws, policies, and legal processes protect the environment. In pursuit of this mission the ELC regularly provides comments and recommendations to government and administrative bodies in relation to law and policy development. These comments can be found on the ELC website at www.elc.ab.ca.

Most AEN members have probably already received e-mails regarding Bill 1, the Lobbyists Act, and seen the concerns expressed about the possible effects on voluntary and non-profit organizations. The ELC has made a submission to the Government Services Committee regarding the particular effects that Bill 1 will likely have on environmental organizations (which will be significant) - the submission can be viewed by following the link below:


Anyone wishing to receive a pdf version of the Muttart Foundation's submission, referred to in the ELC's letter, should contact me at [email protected]. The Legal Resource Centre's report on the Bill, and other information, can be accessed through the website of the Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations at www.ecvo.ca/issues.htm.

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