A Sustainable, Equitable, and Smart Transportation Forum

Not all the talk about transportation focuses on traffic...because not everyone owns a car. In fact not everyone can afford a car or can afford a bus pass. Transportation to many is more of a 'barrier' rather than a 'mode' of travel. Join The Sustainable Calgary Society and The Federation of Calgary Communities, Fellow Travelers and Special Guests in addressing Transportation issues these pressing issues and where we go from here to ensure Calgary's transportation is Sustainable, Equitable and Smart in the future.Cost: $10.00 or pay what you canForum Program 9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

  1. Welcome and Introduction - Sustainable Calgary Society, Federation of Calgary Communities
  2. Transportation Issues Affecting Vulnerable CalgariansNot everyone owns a car, can afford a bus pass, can understand a transit map, or can attend an event on time. Transportation has become a barrier rather than a mode of travel for some Calgarians.
  3. Keynote Speaker: Todd Litman - Equitable TransportationTodd Litman is founder and executive director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative solutions to transport problems. His work helps to expand the range of impacts and options considered in transportation decision-making, improve evaluation methods, and make specialized technical concepts accessible to a larger audience. His research is used worldwide in transport planning and policy analysis. He authored Transportation Cost and Benefit Analysis: Techniques, Estimates and Implications, a comprehensive study of transport impacts, which provides cost and benefit information in an easy-to-apply format.
  4. Equitable Transportation Issues - Panel DiscussionEquitable transportation issues will be presented in a panel format and the audience will be invited to share in the discussion.12.00 Lunch
  5. Towards Smart Growth in CalgarySmart Growth is a sustainable alternative to the current pattern of sprawling, automobile dependent development in Calgary. Principles of Smart Growth, transit oriented development, spending, and alternate modes of travel, will be presented and discussed. The audience will be invited to share in the discussion.
  6. Conclusions and Wrap upSustainable, equitable and smart transportation: what we heard, where do we go from here?

Round Table Discussion 3.30 - 4.30 p.m. Optional Event For those interested in taking the discussion one step further, join in a round table discussion to develop a policy statement(s) to deliver to City Council and the Alberta Government regarding transportation spending and transit and community oriented development.Contact Information To reserve your spot and help us plan, please send a check to: Sustainable Calgary Society — Transportation Forum321 – 223 - 12 Ave. S.W.Calgary, AB T2R OG9 For information - http://www.sustainablecalgary.ca