Join a Collective Call to Action! Prairie Citizens Water Directive

A 10 City Tour to Discuss the Sustainable Management of Water in the Prairie Provinces

From the Rocky Mountains to Lake Winnipeg, an expansive river network connects the Prairie Provinces. Increasingly, there are competing demands being placed on limited water resources across the region.

This fall, citizens from across the region will join together in a collective call for action! What are your expectations? What are your priorities? Come out and share as we embark in a regional dialogue that will connect the people of a region with a united message.

The forums will feature a proposal for a citizens directive on water management. Participants in each of the forums will have the opportunity to discuss in depth the expectations, and will also consider strategies and actions to help bring about the necessary changes.

Register for one of our public forums online!

Alberta Tour Dates and Locations

September 25th - Lethbridge, AB
University of Lethbridge
Students Union Building - Ballroom

October 2nd - Edmonton, AB
University of Alberta
Lister Conference Centre, Prairie Room

October 3rd - Red Deer, AB
Kerry Wood Nature Centre

October 4th - Calgary, AB
Kahanoff Centre - #201