To The Tar Sands Cross-Alberta bike tour has 654 kilometers to go ...

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10 days ago, a group of young people set out to bike across Alberta from the American border to the Tar Sands. They will ride more than 1200 kilometers from south to north on a journey of discovery and fact-finding.

To The Tar Sands is more than a bike trip. It is a story telling adventure like no other. It is our attempt at creating dialogue around what is quite possibly one of the largest and most pivotal energy projects of our time. The tar sands are huge, and in a time of climate crisis they affect just about everyone. Tar Sands development is the single largest contributor and fastest growing source of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions. By 2011, it is expected to produce more than 80 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, which is more than all of Canada's passenger cars put together (see Further tar sands development will also leave a massive footprint on freshwater sources and the boreal forest in Northern Alberta. The development of this natural resource has sweeping social implications, including over-ridden social infrastructure, infringement of indigenous lands, and jeopardizing community health by emitting toxins known to cause rare types of cancers.

We want to know how the tar sands impact the lives of Albertans, be it for good or bad. We want to see it for ourselves. History is being made as we speak in Alberta, and Sierra Youth Coalition is there to witness it.

The cyclists are now midway through their trip, with 654 kilometres to go till they reach the tar sands. Read their stories, listen to their voices, and see their faces live at the blog:

To register for regular updates straight from the bikers, send us a message at [email protected].

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