Calgary Raw Vegan Support Group Potluck Dinner

When: Sunday August 12th, 2007 (5:00-8:00pm) - Theme "Mediterranean Food" Where: Calgary Co-Op Midtown Market (upstairs) 1130 - 11th Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta Canada There is no charge to attend. Your food contribution (enough for 10 serving portions) will suffice. Attendance is usually between 35-45 people. Children are welcome. What to Bring

  • Bring a large enough raw/living foods dish to serve at least 10 people, couples should bring enough food for 20 servings.
  • Bring appropriate serving utensil for your dish.
  • Suggestions: All types of salads with homemade dressing only.
  • We do ask that you bring a dish that is as minimally processed and concentrated as possible, and that the focus be on high water content, preferable organically grown, raw vegetables and sprouts.
  • We do not advocate the abundant use of spices, oil, or salty substances (such as Bragg Liquid Aminos, Nama Shoyu, miso, or sea salt). If you do use any of these in your recipes, please do keep them to a bare minimum.
  • Please do not use honey, artificial sweeteners or frozen vegetables or canned (cooked) food.
  • Please bring " fresh, ripe, raw, plant life" (organic preferred)
  • Please fill out a card with the list of ingredients in your dish when you arrive at the potluck. Should an item contain nuts and/or seeds please label the variety and whether or not they were soaked and dehydrated.
  • See you there!

Please feel free to bring any food-prep books, recipes, dietary literature, and any other information that would be of interest to our group. Please bring your own plates and cutlery so that we do not damage the environment by creating garbage for the landfills. For more information, please email info [at] awesomerawsome [dot] com

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