Knight announces independent review of EUB security measures

News Release

July 9, 2007

Edmonton... As directed by Premier Ed Stelmach, Energy Minister Mel Knight has ordered an independent, external review of the security measures taken by the Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) at a transmission line hearing in Rimbey.

In announcing the review process, Knight also released an open letter to Albertans. "It is important that Albertans have confidence in the regulatory system that oversees our province's most important industry," Knight wrote. "I know many Albertans have questions about what happened and that is why we have established an independent, external review of this matter." (See backgrounder for the entire letter).

The review is being led by the Honourable Del Perras, former Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench and former Deputy Attorney General, who will meet with the different parties involved before reporting back to government by the beginning of September. The results of the review will be made public.

The review will focus specifically on the hiring of plain clothes security personnel for the EUB’s hearing in Rimbey on the 500 kV line between Edmonton and Calgary.

Specific considerations will include the following.

  • What steps did the EUB undertake to determine that hiring private security staff was the best option?
  • What was the mandate of the private security staff?
  • What information was collected and what was the purpose of collecting that information?
  • Was there any inappropriate communication between the panel and the security personnel?
  • Specific recommendations with how security should be handled in future hearings.

"I am confident that this matter will be fully investigated and we will get the answers to the questions Albertans are asking," Knight said.

This independent review supports Premier Stelmach's plan for governing with integrity and transparency. Other priorities for the government are to manage growth pressures, improve Albertans' quality of life, provide safe and secure communities and build a stronger Alberta.


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