Alberta's 8th Annual Eco-Solar Home Tour

We have a very exciting line up of sites this year, showing solar power, solar water heating, ground heating, energy efficiency, and what you can easily do to make your home heating, electricity and water bills plummet, along with your contribution to our province's air pollution!There are 9 sites on the tour this year -- we could have easily had 30! 7 sites are new.The tour is free and is open to the public. All of the sites are visited as an open house. Because of huge demand this year, we will have three buses to tour to the sites, courtesy of Edmonton Transit.You are welcome to let your friends and colleagues know about this so that they can keep this date and time available. Check our web site at to find out more details as we get closer to the Tour day.The Eco-Solar Home Tour will be the feature on Global TV's Morning Show with Lorraine Mansbridge from 7am to 9am on Thursday June 7.Site summary

  1. Trimline Renewable Energy Training Centre
  2. Bull Solar-Powered Home - retrofit
    • 6831 112A Street
    • grid-connected solar power with battery storage
  3. Steeden Solar-Powered Home - retrofit
    • 11445 126 Street
    • grid-connected solar power system
  4. Rice Geothermal/Solar Heated Home
    • 11422 74 Avenue
    • geothermal heat pump for heating the home plus solar thermal collectors for heating domestic water
  5. Ball Geothermal Home - retrofit
    • 11519 68 Street
    • geothermal heat pump, electric on-demand hot water heater, GreenMax electricity from Enmax, on-site food growing and harvesting, composting, xeriscaping, rainwater harvesting.
  6. Kundert Geothermal/Solar Home
    • 1187 Goodwin Circle, Edmonton (from Anthony Henday Freeway, west on 62 Avenue)
    • Solar water heating using evacuated tube collectors.
  7. The Urban Farmer
    • 10926 93 Street,
    • permaculture, rainwater collection, sustainable gardens and edible landscaping
  8. City Farm <>
    • 3830-195 Avenue NE (East of Meridian Street/1st Street)
    • You can find a map at
    • A unique venue where you can discover and learn about growing food, animal care, and the importance of the natural world at a not-so-traditional farm setting. As part of the Tour, reduce your carbon footprint; come and plant a tree.
    • City Farm is holding a solar water heating workshop on June 23 and 24, $110. Phone 488 2500. A brochure is at:
  9. Riverdale NetZero Energy Home
    • 10004 87 Street,
    • NO public parking available, take shuttle bus from McNally High School (8440-105th Ave), or cycle on river valley trails.
    • Canada's first net zero energy home under construction at advanced framing stage, see details on how to build ultra high R-value walls and ceilings,
    • see the solar power and solar heating systems to be installed
    • see Stephani Carter from EcoAmmo about the sustainable materials being used in the home,,
    • see Brenda Osborne from the City of Edmonton's community-wide greenhouse gas reduction strategy ( about funding to retrofit your home to reduce its energy consumption.
    • Free presentation on the house sponsored by the Solar Energy Society Northern Alberta Chapter, June 4, 7pm, Telus World of Science, 11211-142 Street.

Also note

You are welcome to pass this announcement around to your colleagues, friends, and networks, and to post it on your bulletin boards and web sites as a way to increase the energy-efficient and emissions-free promotion of the Tour.There is a lot of info on the internet and a growing number of companies in Alberta who are able to supply us with the services that we need to reduce our utility bills and the effect we are having on the environment. Our informal Eco-Solar Contacts and Services list with lots of contacts and web sites on it is at If you have any questions, please e-mail us at: hometourinfo [at] ecosolar [dot] caThank you,Gordon Howell, P.Eng.Member of the Eco-Solar Home Tour organising committeeEngineering office: 484 0476