CPANS Luncheon: Environmental Governance for Responsible Oil Sands Development

The need to put development in “neutral”. by Jennifer Grant, Policy Analyst, Pembina InstituteWhat is environmental governance? What is the current status of environmental governance as it relates to oil sands development? Are any measures required to improve environmental governance? How will this impact oil sands development?When: June 06, 2007 at 11:30 am, WednesdayWhere: Ramada Hotel, Conference Level, 6 St. and 8 Ave. SW.Tickets: $20 Students (some free tickets still available), $30 A&WMA members, $40 guests and non-members. You can pay at the door or send a check (issued for CPANS) in advance. We do accept major credit cards. We do not accept debit (checks, cash, Master Card and Visa only).RSVP: By June 1, Friday - (The deadline for cancellations is also June 1 and we want to reserve the right to invoice people who committed to attend but did not).Contact: piotr.staniaszek [at] amec [dot] com CPANS is only a facilitator for these presentations. CPANS makes no representation regarding ownership or quality of any technology described by a presenter, or generally as to the contents of a presentation. CPANS does not endorse any presenter nor the technology presented. Please use your own judgment. CPANS trusts that each presenter will engage in fair trade practices, but does not police or otherwise enforce this policy in any manner.

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