Climate Change – Leading by Example

A free talk during the Mayor's Environment Expo on Clean Air Day, Wednesday, June 6th from 12:15 -1:00pm.Climate Change – Leading by ExampleSimon Knight, President & CEO, Climate Change Centralat the John Dutton Theatre - Calgary Public LibraryClimate change has become the focal issue on the environment in the 21st century. Now that the level of concern has made the issue a major media concern many people and businesses are asking what they can do. The focus of this presentation will be on action at home and at work. Everyone is looking to someone else for leadership but the reality is that we need everyone to view themselves as leaders and be the change you want to see. There are many forms of leadership, some very public through media exposure but much of the leadership is implementing changes yourself and encouraging your circle of friends and colleagues to do what you know works. This presentation is to help you become that leader.For more information please contact:Judi Vandenbrink Mayor's Environment Expo CoordinatorPh: 403 268-3217 Judi.Vandenbrink2 [at] calgary [dot] ca

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