Land Use Framework Public Consultation

Public sessions on the development of the Land-use Framework will take place at locations around the province, from May 14 to 31. Learn more about land use in Alberta

Attend one of the 17 public sessions around the province. The sessions will feature informational displays on Alberta’s land, how land-use decisions are made, and the trends and challenges in key sectors. Government staff will be on hand to assist you. You will receive a package containing the resource document, Understanding Land Use in Alberta and the Land-use Framework Workbook questionnaire to help you provide your input.

Provide your input by completing a Land-use Framework Workbook questionnaire:

  • in person at one of the public sessions
  • complete the Land-Use Frame Workbook online,
  • print off the PDF version of the Land-Use Workbook, and mail it in to the address provided, or
  • pick up the workbook in advance, complete the questionnaire and mail it in the provided postage paid return envelope.

Completed workbooks must be submitted by June 15, 2007. Find out about the Land-use Framework consultation process to date.

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