A Net Zero Energy Home in Edmonton

A Net Zero Energy Home in Edmonton -- is it for real?Here we are in a cold northern climate... and building Canada's first net zero energy home, and its most northerly one! How can we do this? A net zero energy home is one that generates all its own heat and electricity on an annual basis! Is this really possible? A group of Alberta specialists in home-building, engineering, home design, materials, landscaping, water, technology transfer, research, banking, utilities, solar equipment, communication, the environment, and climate change have come together to win a CMHC net zero energy home competition and are now building the Riverdale NetZero home (www.riverdalenetzero.ca) over the next 9 months.Come and hear an eye-opening discussion of what this house is all about, and what is now possible! What does net zero energy mean? Why are we able to heat it at -32C using four toasters? What are its solar energy systems all about? Why don't we have a geothermal system? Why don't we have a natural gas line? How can solar energy heat it at night? What do we do with all our excess solar electricity? Will it really work? How much will it cost? Is it for sale? Can you build one too? The home is now under construction. Come and hear the talk, and then go on a tour of the home during Edmonton's 8th annual Eco-Solar Home Tour (www.ecosolar.ca) on June 9. Date: June 4Time: 6:30pm refreshments 7:00pmpresentation 8:30pmquestions and answers 9:00pm The EndWhere:Telus World of Science, 11211-142 Street, EdmontonCost:Free presentation, free parkingWho:General publicSpeaker: Gordon Howell, P.Eng., Howell-Mayhew Engineering, Edmonton