Climate Change Plan - Public Consultations, Edmonton


Toxics Watch Society of Alberta The Alberta government has developed a climate change plan... Unfortunately, the plan as it stands will not result in the real reductions necessary to protect our climate. You can call for changes to make the plan more effective. Alberta Environment is currently holding public consultations on its climate change plan and they will be in Edmonton on April 18th from 6pm - 9pm at the Westin (10135 100 Street).Alberta has fallen behind other provinces in its action on climate change — show the government that this plan is not enough and that they must meet international standard and protect the health of the people and the environment. Here are some suggested solutions to improve Alberta's Climate Change Plan:

  1. Put in place absolute emission reduction targets: Alberta's current plan sets a target of a 50% reduction in emissions intensity by 2020. Intensity targets are targets that set limits on the amount of pollution that can be released per unit of economic growth. So in a growing economy these targets can be met even while emissions increase substantially. Studies have shown that Alberta's 50% intensity target could be met even while absolute emissions in the province rise to 60%-80% above 1990 levels. Alberta must set targets for reductions in the absolute emissions in the province.
  2. Help Canada to meet its Kyoto obligations: Canada has an obligation under the Kyoto Protocol to reduce its emissions to 6% below 1990 levels over the 2008-2012 period. Alberta's emissions are currently 40% above 1990 levels and are growing. Alberta must do its part in helping Canada to meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol and, as such, should commit to reducing its emissions to 6% below 1990 levels over the 2008-2012 period.
  3. Make industry do its fair share: Alberta's large industry plays a major role in the province's emissions, power, oil and gas production and industrial sectors make up over 70% of the province's emissions and seven of Canada's top ten large emitters are found in Alberta. Alberta must put a burden for greenhouse gas emissions reductions on its large industry that is commensurate with their share of the problem.
  4. Encourage renewable energy deployment: Alberta's 2002 climate change plan put in place a target to increase renewable energy deployment in the province by 3.5% by 2008. In the time since the plan was released the government did not put in place any regulations or incentives aimed at ensuring this target was met. Alberta needs to set more ambitious future targets for renewable energy and put in place incentives and/or regulations that will ensure these targets can be achieved.
  5. Increase energy efficiency and conservation: The Alberta government has not put in place any regulations or incentives to encourage increased energy efficiency in the province. The Alberta government should put in place regulations aimed at ensuring all appliances and equipment sold in the province is highly efficient, should update building codes to ensure all new construction in the province meets a high efficiency standard and should look at providing incentives to help people in the province undertake energy efficiency retrofits.

You don't need to be an expert to speak to government. Speak from the heart, let them know you're concerned and why. The government has a mandate to represent the best interests of the people. Let them know that as it stands, this plan is not in our best interest.Can't make the meeting? Fill out the work book online at or print the work book and send it by fax to (780) 421-4502 or by mail to:Accurate Data Services Inc.400, 10621 100 Avenue NWEdmonton AB T5J 0B3. Nashina Shariff Director, Climate Change Programs Toxics Watch Society of Alberta

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