Calgary Alternative Transportation Co-operative Membership Registration

<div class="flexinode-body flexinode-1"><div class="flexinode-textfield-2"><div class="form-item"> <label>Location: </label> Calgary </div> </div><div class="flexinode-textarea-1"><div class="form-item"> <label>Description: </label> <h3>Share a car and save your money, community, &amp; environment!</h3><p>Save your money by paying for a car only when you use it!</p><p>Join carsharing and benefit from low rates starting at $4/h. &amp; $0.20/km. which include insurance, maintenance and even fuel. You will even be paid to help with maintenance and to find us new members.</p><p>All you need to join is fairly clean driving record, plus damage deposit &amp; member fee.</p><p>Visit our web site at or call 270-8002 for more info. </p><p>A member registration is scheduled for this Thursday (April 12) at our office. Please <strong>RSVP</strong>. <br /></p><hr /><p>Cody Torgerson<br />Carsharing Co-ordinator,<br />Calgary Alternative Transportation Co-op <br />270-8002 or 829-7236 <br /><a href="" title=""></a>, <span class="spamspan"><span class="u">info</span> [at] <span class="d">catco-op [dot] org</span></span><br /><br />Carsharing in Calgary is currently funded by the <a href="">United Way</a>, &amp; the <a href="">EcoAction</a> and has been funded in the past by <a href="">Alberta Ecotrust</a>, &amp; the <a href="">Co-operators</a>.<br /><br />Carsharing is a project of the <a href="">Arusha Centre</a> and accepts 100% <a href="">Calgary Dollars</a>. <br /></p><br /> </div> </div></div>
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