AWA Open House Talk: Rumsey Wildland: Natural History & Conservation Challenges


Alberta Wilderness Asssociation Rumsey Wildland: Natural History & Conservation Challenges With Cheryl BradleyAt the tension zone between forest and grassland there is great diversity and beauty – a rolling parkland mosaic created over several thousand years. Now an island of native habitat in a sea of cultivation, Rumsey is also the setting for conflict between those who would protect it and those who wish to drill for gas.Take a virtual tour of the Rumsey Wildland and discover why it is a special place. Learn why industrial development and preservation of rough fescue grasslands are incompatible.Cheryl Bradley will peer into her crystal ball and ask the questions: “Is this largest remnant of native parkland destined to die a death of a thousand cuts compounded by alien species invasion? Or, is a brighter future dawning for the Rumsey Wildland?”Cheryl Bradley is a professional botanist who lives in Lethbridge. She has been a leading voice for protection of significant prairie and parkland areas for three decades. She hopes to see Albertans, through their government, commit to protection of the Rumsey Wildland before she dies.Location: AWA, 455 12th St NWTime: 7:00 pmCost: $5 per person; $1 for childrenPlease call (403) 283 2025 for reservations