Who Decides our Energy Future? Advocating for a People's Plan for Energy, Calgary


Plaza Theatre (1133 Kensington Road NW)$10 at the Door, Calgary Dollars AcceptedDecisions are being made about our energy future outside of Alberta. Participate in an interactive session, find out what Alberta groups are doing, and learn how you can get involved.Tony Clarke is president and executive director of the Polaris Institute, which works with citizen movements to develop tools for democratic social change. He is the author of several books including: Global Showdown: How the New Activists Are Fighting Global Corporate Rule [2001]; and Blue Gold: The Battle Against the Corporate theft of the World’s Water [2002]. In 2005, he was co-recipient with Maude Barlow of the Right Livelihood Award, better known as the ‘alternative Nobel prize’.Tyson Slocum joined Public Citizen in 2000 and is their Energy Director. Tyson researches the influence of corporate special interests on our political system and works to promote corporate & government accountability and sustainable energy. He has presented his findings before the U.S. Congress and appears regularly in radio, print, and television media. Public Citizen was founded by Ralph Nader in 1971.In a performance based on the play Spies in the Oil Sands, Lori Shyba invites you to play "The Pipeline Pinball Energy Thrill Ride Game" — an experiential way for Albertans to practice taking action on our energy future. Designed with a dual scoring system of Alternative Fuel Points and Fossil Fuel Points, "The Pipeline Pinball Energy Thrill Ride Game" throws us into the experience that as Albertans, we can respond to world demand and rack up easy fossil fuel points, or work a little smarter and finesse alternative solutions.Part of the Arusha Centre's Action Film SeriesCo-sponsored by The Council of Canadians, The Sierra Club of Canada, the Parkland Institute, and Faith and the Common Good.

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