Edmonton Idling Bylaw Report to Transportation & Public Works Committee

Please be advised that Clr. Michael Phair and Clr. Dave Thiele have requested City Administration to prepare a report on the following inquiry:

A number of municipalities in Canada have instituted "Idling Bylaws". We have been concerned for some time about the environmental hazards of excessive idling that occurs in our City.

  1. What are the current idling practices adopted by the City of Edmonton (Transit, Police) and the remainder of the fleet.
  2. Same question to EPCOR.
  3. Is there a form of measurement that would indicate how effective our anti-idling campaigns are?
  4. What options would be available to Council should we wish to institute a bylaw that covers private vehicle: i.e. line ups at fast food restaurants or in rush hour traffic and other situations?
  5. What could be considered a maximum allowable idling time.
  6. What considerations could be made for seasons and/or temperature?
  7. Please include comment and comparisons of different types of engine, gasoline, propane, diesel, etc. and the effect of their idling.
  8. Are there automatic shut off and start up systems currently available in the market?
  9. Does Administration have any information on CO2 and fuel savings the might result from an idling bylaw?

The anticipated date that the inquiry report will come back to the Transportation and Public Works Committee is May 1, 2007.

I would encourage you to come and speak to the committee in support of this bylaw. Please contact the City Clerks Office 496-8178 to register to speak.

The report is usually available the Thursday prior to its presentation (which would be April 26. ) If you would like a copy of the report forwarded to you via email, please let me know ([email protected])

If you are unable to attend and present on at Committee, you may wish to forward a letter of support.

We can help save the environment, save money and save our health by turning off our vehicles when parked.

Marilyn Hooper
Executive Assistant to Councillor Dave Thiele
City of Edmonton, Ward 6
Office of the Councillors
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2R7